NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


KPs footwork down low is a thing of beauty


This is Bens world and we are just living in it.

His passing is what impresses me (yes I remember sexy highlights from LSU) - but he really allows the court to open up and he is developing as a great 1-2 combo with the process.

The Rockets had nothing when both Ben and Joel went into the paint, made them look small - all they could do was throw up 3’s all game.

What an impressive road trip so far.

I really hope Ben is on the front page of every sports section.

An Australian could very well be the best player in the world in 24 months time, in the biggest international sport and league (yes get fucked round ball football)

AND HE IS COACHED BY AN AUSTRALIA. There should be a live feed to Australia.



A public holiday isn’t sufficient. I hereby declare that the third day of each week shall henceforth be known as “Bensday”.


Better and on each third day (trimester)

He hence forth presented with a personally signed number 5 from Mr J Hird


This kid will be the best Australian basketballer.
Very impressive in early games, highlights reel looks good.

Aussie broadcasters should put his games on free to air.


Yep, first field goal of the quarter five seconds before the end. Horrendous.


Ben Simmons is quickly becoming the best athlete Australia has produced. When you look at his stats, what is not often talked about is that the Sixers easily have the hardest draw for October to begin the year

Wizards away
Boston home
Raptors away
Detroit away
Houston home
Mavericks away
Houston away

So Ben’s stats are even more remarkable given the high quality opponents and only 2 home games out of 7. I always thought if Sixers can hold it together the first 10-15 games they will likely play playoffs. Winning 3 of the last 4 helps(without Fultz or Reddick last 2)…and now two home games coming up against Atlanta and Indiana.


New ruckman


But is he Australian?



Lol that’s Classic, what’s the story behind it?


check essendon’s facebook. A few players went to the Wizards facility.


The Polish Hammer.


Suns again!!!


I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter



John Wall be liking the colours we rep


Watching ESPN, the only young player out there is Lonzo Ball.


It’s doing my head in, he isn’t even the best performing rookie in his team let alone the league

lavar has them hook line and sinker


Loving Tatum’s work ethic


For Mr Noonan