NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


LeBron James played the last three games of this series with a significantly injured right hand, a hand that he injured punching a blackboard in the locker room at Golden State after Game 1. He’s had two MRIs to determine the severity. It has been determined a hand contusion, but he’s dealing with a lot of swelling and a little bit of stiffness in his hand. He’s been wearing a soft cast when he’s been away from the basketball court. Even at press conferences, he’s hidden his hand inside his jacket as he’s been wearing a soft cast. It’s not something he’s wanted out there. It’s not something he’s using as an excuse. It’s something that definitely was a factor.


Which is why he’s back in Cleveland.


And outta there as soon as they can’t win it



In Cleveland… for the 11th season of his career. With the obvious cast of superstars like…


He went there to win them a championship and done that.

He can’t go to any team right now with the line ups they have and beat GSW. The NBA is Warriors for as long as they want it.


CP3 doesn’t get injured for games 6 & 7 in the west and the Rockets progress and deal with the Cavs in equally emphatic fashion.


Yeah, I dunno.

GSW are two MVP level superstars, one almost-superstar and a gun defender. And some other dudes.

Add LBJ to any of the 45+ win teams with a couple of established stars - ie most of them except the Pacers - and they’re an instant contender IMO.

Just like CP3 to Houston took them from good to a contender


If you go down that path, then you might as well put a fit Iguodala back into The Warriors and the result is a Warriors win


Did Warriors lose a game that Iguodala didn’t play in?


Can’t remember one.

He adds so much to that team, particularly on defense.


Yes…they lost games 4 & 5 against Houston when he was missing


Or a fully fit Curry. He only came good towards the end of that series.

The scariest thing about the dubs is that they just swept a finals series after a playoffs where Curry, Klay and Iguodala all had injury problems.

They keep that team together they will win 5-6 trophies. Maybe more.


I was talking as if Jordan were playing for the current Cavs team.

Not what he had done previously in his career.

Regardless, you are right, it is irrelevant.


Yeah, but he’d be in his fifties now. Probably slowed down a bit.


Come back to Miami. We need a superstar.


He has been swept twice in the finals (and gave up in that Boston series)

There is no way his legacy can be compared to Jordans


Again did CP3 play in game 3, when they were torched by 41?


Yeh. Did he play in the other three games that Houston won?


McDowell-White and Matur Maker withdrew their names from the draft.