NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


18-2 run in the last to win it. Booker :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

Loving James!!


James helps you forget Bledsoe


Nike certainly know how to do an ad.



Hope they play as well as they kick today! Up against my mob.


You have to be happy with that.


Simmons with the big dunk!


Covington missed the open 3 which would have been Ben’s 2nd triple-double.

Finished with 19/13/9/2

3-6 from FT though :expressionless:


Covington was shooting well, I’d thought he’d drop it. Shame.
Good second half from Ben


Surely we have coach of the year!!
40&10 for Warren too




He is just another level. Not supposed to do stuff like that so early in your career


And apparently he’s an Aussie…and an Essendon fan.


Sounds made up


4-1 without Bledsoe.


Probably don’t want a point guard back in any trade for Bledsoe now…


Lonzo had a shocker today. Only put two shots up and missed both.


What he deserves with that horrible haircut. how can he be the rookie mvp with that ■■■■?


Seen the Celtics a few times live now. they are a serious team. Irving is killing it right now. Baynes flying the Aussie flag proudly.

on a side note, celtics vs kings. there was 5 mins to go in the final quarter and half the crowd left the game at the stoppage. was really strange and disappointing that people wouldnt want to see the end of the game and bask in the win. such a weird change of culture where in footy, the best part is the final siren in a winning game. was filthy with the boston fans