NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


How fukn pathetic, mobbed while on the ground.


Goulding and the guy who hit him were goading each other for the 10 minutes before everything kicked off. He’s obviously never spent much time in sth east asia. You don’t pick a fight with the locals because thats what happens, just not normally on the court.


That’s scary stuff, but who ever our number 12 is is a deadset ■■■■■■■■. He started that.



got a still of Thon Makers flying knees and kicks?


That’s the worst thing I’ve seen since Malice in the Palace.
Unbelievable how that escalated into something like that.


I still don’t understand why the Lakers signed KCP and Lance Stephenson.
There is now no chance whatsoever of getting Kawhi or Cousins.
Unless someone is stupid enough to take Luol Deng in a trade, this looks like the roster that the Lakers will be working with.

On Lebron…
I’m assuming he wears 23 at the Lakers. Was Cedric Ceballos the last Laker to wear 23?


I think back to back finals MVPs has to mean something - as it stands in 2018 yes KD has gone past Lebron

As an overall career - Lebron > KD

I also think KD’s ability to play off the ball for large parts of the game and run the plays through Curry, whilst still being an efficient scorer - is criminally underrated.


Still trying to digest it all, simply a pack of dogs

I hope they release the audio of the Philo coach at the time out just before this.

Can guarantee there were some interesting words


2019 Lakers fans ‘If only Lebron had a good roster’ :joy::joy::joy:


As apposed to the Lebron haters…
Why can’t he lead this team to the Finals? Jordan would have done it.

I think the Lakers will be lucky to make it past the first round of the playoffs. It’ll be the first time in his career that he gets knocked out of the first round.

It seems like the play is to go all-in for the 2019 free agent class.
Any 2 of Klay Thompson, Karl-Anthony Towns, Kristap Porzingis, Ktryie Irving, Jimmy Butler and Kawhi Leonard would slot in perfectly with Lebron, Lonzo, Kuzma and Ingram.
Even without a few cheap role players, that’ll be a hell of a team that’ll challenge Golden State for a title and could setup for a good four or five years of success.

I can sort of see why Magic isn’t throwing out all those young pieces for Kawhi right now. Surely two of the 2019 free agent class would want to come and play for the best player in the world for the past decade.



‘Lakers need to put shooters around Lebron’

Signs Rondo


Renounce Randle.


It’s rather obvious that the Lakers will only take on rentals for this year.
No one will get long term deals until they get 2 or 3 All Stars. That’s the way you should build a team if you want to beat the Warriors.

Good to see they’ve learned from the Deng signing and also from the Knicks in the last few decades.


Ceballos seems about right.

On trading Deng, we traded Mozgov so anything is possible.


You’d think Lebron would be signing off on all this though.


“Tyronn Lue Promoted to head coach of Cleveland”


He’s running the show, no doubt.
No way Lance or Rondo go the LA without Lebron’s request.


James, Rondo and Ball on the same team?

It feels like they’re just signing random dudes

Rondo will have to come off the bench surely… James doesn’t play off the ball and Rondo is utterly useless if he’s not handling it. Lonzo gets relegated to about 6-8 minutes a game unless he can turn that abhorrent jump shot into something useful.

I’m really confused