NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


James is 34 this year. They don’t have time to construct a team. Even Kobe with his ridiculous fitness routine started slowing down at 34-35.

Some really weird decisions.

What does McGee add?
What does Rondo add?
What does Stephenson add?

KCP at least is a good fit


Not at what they are paying him. Note that he’s also a Klutch client…


I don’t think it is

Houston’s roster has been carefully crafted. They’ve got shooters all over the floor and they have the defensive length to nullify GSWs offense.

LA’s roster looks like what the computer sim would construct if you played 10 seasons in career mode in NBA2K.


Randle signed with Pelicans.

Trae Young having a rough summer league debut. 1/11 from 3.


Cousins signs with GSW.





I legit thought you were joking. What an amazing signing.

To get him for the MLE, must have people scared about the achilles.


■■■■■■■ hell

GSW with a low post scorer

I don’t even


That is hilarious, love it



That’s absurd.


Bob Myers really is the swindle god.


Best team ever


Bucher saying he wont be back til February.


For so long the league vetoed things like this from happening and yet GS can just sign as many star players as they want despite being well into the luxury tax.

I know he will miss the majority of the season and there are no guarantees he’ll be even half the player that he was before the injury but, damn.

The league wasn’t even competitive this year… Imagine what next year will be like with that starting 5?

Insane by the Warriors and kudos to them for pulling it off.


Only can sign a single player for the MLE due to being over the salary cap. Can’t just go sign anyone.


So the Pelicans didnt even offer Boogie a contract.


That’s farked.
Hopefully the Warriors lose Durant and Klay Thompson next year.


I reckon that’s a pretty good chance that at least 1 of those two leaves.


Or, just ALL of them do their achilles.


Boston signs some unknown guard from Turkey with a stunning missus.