NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Still no. 1 on ESPN. Needs to sign some sort of deal with Clearasil too.


Lavar has hoodwinked the media and the LA people so much they can’t even see that Kuzma is the best rookie on their team let alone anyone else in the league


He’s not even the best rookie at the Lakers, Kuzma has him covered easily.


PG would be watching Lakers closely, I don’t even think his addition would make them a playoff team.

They are hot garbage


Probably being told to play like hot garbage too.


Dame sorts out the game winner after missing out in Utah. Would love to be in a NBA building when a game winner is hit, that would be an insane feeling.


Simmons with another Triple-Double! 14-11-10 near the end of the game.


He is on another planet



Good win today


Only just saw the last few minutes but Lebron just put up 57/11/7/3/2. I’m sure there will be a fantastic highlights package later. Second highest score of his career i think.


there already one up.


Looks like the Bombers players taught the Wizards a thing or two about Essington defence :grinning:


Porzingis is fun to watch.


And how to play spuds into form…







I really thought the joke was obvious enough there.


How is anyone supposed to get a rebound against the Pelicans? Davis and Cousins are beastly.


Porzingis drops 40 and single handedly got the Knicks back from 19 down.
Yeah, and then Harden just drops a casual 56 with 13 assists.

MVP going to be tough to decide this year. Any early picks?