NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


I would watch paint dry before I watched baseball. Needless to say I would be watching this Summer League instead of baseball if I had the choice. Might have a tough decision if I had to watch either poker league or baseball, I would probably have to request a time extension to decide.


Basketball is a long way down my list…as is tennis.


I like both, you guys are just cranky old kents


I’m also loving the poker. Big fan.


So for someone who doesn’t know much about Summer League. What does a performance like that mean. Does it translate or could we never hear his name again?


summer league really means nothing. It’s for guys fighting over the last few roster spots. Sometimes you see rookies perform well over expectation and carry over into the season.
Sometimes you see the top tier rookies going at half pace because they know they’re better than most on the court.
Not unexpected when they’re learning new systems and have pro weight routines. I remember Steph shot poorly in his first SL.


Bookies now have the 76ers the most likely to land Kawhi.


When does the NBA season proper start? October? November?




Booker signed his 5 year 155Mil contract


Summer League I know but I got a little bit tingly at Wendell Carter Jr today.


Josh Jackson’s block :star_struck:


That was spectacular



Stay classy Fakers…


Rockets lost Mbah a Moute to the Clippers - 1 year deal.
And now Rockets plan to get Carmelo once he’s available.
No Azaria or Mbah a Moute and add Carmelo they are going from top of the class defense, to probably the worst possible.


Surprised no one has cashed out Capela.


There’s just no market for him. Chances are the qualifying off will do it, but he’ll become a FA the following year.


Would want at Boston. Very good rim protector and we really need that, plus he puts up 13 and 10 a night for a guy who is not there for his offense.