NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


I think Celtics will match. They really like him. He’s a good energy player off the bench but he should either work on his shot or not shoot at all.


OKC give Melo permission to Rockets and Heat.


Teams just aren’t willing to pay big dollars to big men who can’t stretch the floor these days.

He’s a talented young player but unless he develops a jumper then he will become a very limited role player.


Poor FT shooter too. But given Boston’s weakness in rim protection I’d get him in. Depending on our opponent he’d start, but there would be times when Horford plays the 5 and we go smaller…


What a horrible, horrible move by OKC to sign Melo

He was busted junk 4 years ago

Offset by the nice signing of PG

So a little conflicted, hopefully they get some depth on the bench

But they will just roll out the same old, same old for the next couple of years



Bolden not doing himself any favours in the Summer League 0-4 shooting, 4 TOs
The Turkish guy, Korkmaz, another standout performance though.


Yep, showing that year in Europe has rather ■■■■■■ him up


Mitch Creek appears to be doing OK for the Mavs SL team…


Isaiah Thomas from potential Max deal to vets Minimum in 1 year…


How the mighty have fallen.


It’s what happens when you are by far the worst player defensively in the game.


He was never going to get the max. He wanted it, he told Boston he wouldn’t sign unless he got max money, they traded him. And apparently Ainge/Boston were ■■■■■ for pulling the trigger on him.


Feel really sorry for him tbh


Same! He played in the playoffs hurt and it’s cost him big time.


Yep, the Celtics did him no favours.


Boston did not force him to play.


That’s debatable.


Please! Boston turned him from a nobody into an all Star.

His big head and ego is what got him into this mess. Ainge is a master at trading.

If you had the chance to take Kyrie over a guy who was saying “Back the Brinx truck for max money” and was going to miss a big chunk of the season. You would pull that trigger.


No! He cannot shoot for crap. If he wants Max and is that disgruntled, take the best cheapie and bank the $$$