NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


The Greek Freak would be leading the race at the moment.


Outside of that - their spacing can be super awkward


You would have to say Harden

But Drummond is playing like a beast averaging 14-14 a game and the Pistons are 7-3


With the rate teams are scoring in this era you need to take 20-25% off the stats for a meaningful comparison with what we are used to. 56 is comparable with a 2000 40-45 pt game. They are scoring 125-130 every second night.


Lakers somehow win 3 in a row against some suspect teams but I’ll take it.


bledsloe to the bucks for Greg Monroe, a 2018 protected first-round and a 2018 protected second-round draft pick


Delly’s minutes have dried right up now. Will barely get on the court.


That is a terrible trade, Bledsloe is rubbish!!


They will move him I reckon. Might go back to Cleveland…


Simmons putting the numbers up again. Even without The Process



He’s putting down some nasty dunks


16 pts
13 boards
6 assists
3 blks
3 steals

Just keeps on filing the stat sheet.

His ceiling must be enormous and he has them winning


Imagine Simmons next contract, would be tremendous.


Despite the boxscore, it wasn’t a great game from Ben. 7/22 FGA and 6 TO’s. Some shots weren’t even close.


To be fair 3 of those turn over were players he was passing to falling over


We’re looking at moving Monroe for Okafor.


How would that work Salary wise?
I think I’d prefer Monroe.
Need to also move Chandler to free up the mins and prevent us from having to waive DJJ.


It’s more that ~1995-2006 was low scoring, rather than this year being particularly high scoring.
Well down on late 60s scoring ~ 117ppg (this year ~105ppg)


I read this on twitter the other day; “The Phoenix Suns “7 Seconds or Less” '04-'05 team, which led the NBA in pace, would rank 25th this season”. Shows why we’re getting such high scoring and players stuffing the boxscores.