NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Yes, he does that. You got to hope he’ll look at the film and figure out there’s better options.
Still, a hell of a game.


Sure did. Jazz are a tough cover for the Warriors.


Exum appears to be growing in confidence with each game


Give him another 18 months and he’ll be wearing gold in Tokyo


I wonder if he will play after his last game for Australia.


Watching the highlights from the Jazz-Warriors game. Man Jingles is looking like a superstar out there with his shot selection, passing and confidence.
Exum had some nice plays too.

Look forward to seeing Lebron’s first home game with the Lakers today. Crowd will be going ballistic.
I feel they will struggle to make playoffs without having strong shooters around LBJ (Unless he performs some sort of miracle and completely changes his play style).


Looks like Simmons is on limited minutes this game





Baynes also left the court early in the New York game with hamstring tightness


hopefully the jimmy butler thing is real.


It would be nice to get Jimmy Butler. Trouble is how much it will cost to get him and how long he would commit for.


I actually love watching lillard play so much.


Blazers won’t lose this, not on the night they honour Paul Allen


I didn’t watch much of the Lakers last year, but Josh Hart looks pretty decent.


Basketbrawl at Staples. Ingram, Paul and Rondo gonna be missing some games…


Another game and yet another pathetic display on defence.

Got iso-ed to death by James “whinge on every play for free throws” Harden and Ingram and Rondo will be out now for a while too.

KC-Brick again a total waste of space and should be in the D-League somewhere, let alone starting ahead of Josh Hart.

Kyle Kuzma’s defence just isn’t up to par. Lost count how many buckets he gave up through poor switching/not putting a hand up/not going up hard against the driver who was 3 foot smaller than him and he chucked up nothing but bricks on offence as well.

Only good that came from the game was Lonzo playing really well and Hart but he bricked two crucial FT’s on a flagrant foul in the last quarter which would have had the Lakers right in it.

Just not good enough. Plain and simple.


Back to reality for the Suns…


Rondo! :smiley:


They had them juicy odds too, 6 bucks. Shame Jokic went all MVP on their arses