NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Just rewatched the last play.

Misdirected and then the shot goes to a non star

Gee I love Pop



Patty said it was a play they practice all the time and was usually done with Manu/TP/TD.

Lonzo fell asleep thinking Patty wasn’t the guy in the action.



Up by 6 with less than a minute left and they give up those baskets.

Mind boggling ■■■■■.

The one thing this team should be good at is DEFENCE and yet they are the worst in the league and average giving up over 130 a night.

Something better click real quick or everyone will be under fire because right now we look like a huge dumpster fire.

The defence that we are playing won’t win us a game all season and that’s just facts.

Still have no idea why LeBron didn’t drive on that last play instead of taking a heavily contested poor fade-away.

Walton better start pulling his finger out and dishing out the defensive drills.


Were you cheering when he hit the way out there 3 pointer to tie it up.

You can’t have it both ways.

Young teams are gunna learn. All this BS about this team aint gunna get past the first round, or we aint gunna do this and that. LA are a young team. Take the good with the bad and enjoy the good stuff.

Kuzma…oh boy. Lonzo hitting 3s.

Relax and enjoy.


It’s his favorite shot though.
He’s made that little fade away from the left hand side as a buzzer beater more often than any other buzzer beating shot.


Not sure I was ever against him, I just wanted Ayton over him.


He was fouled everytime he went near the paint against the Spurs, it just wasn’t called every time so his best chance was to get to the rim but, he is the King so you give him the ball and let him do what he thinks best.

Lakers need to click shortly though.

Remember when the Heat went 8-9 or 9-8 when he first moved to Miami and the knives came out immediately.

Imagine what it will be like in LA… LA fans are some of the most impatient fans in the NBA (especially after the last 6 seasons) and if this continues, the pressure will be cranked into overdrive for Magic/Pelinka and in turn, Luke Walton.

The scores they are giving up are ridiculous.


Also, Rudy Gay did a good job of closing down the lane on that play


I feel for Walton. I think he’ll be made the scapegoat here, even though the problem is more personnel than coaching.

The team isn’t built to win now. It’s built to develop (or trade) their young guys, and to have cap space for next season.


Eggs gets it!!!

This is a nothing year for the lakers. If this happens next year with 2-3 more stars then start complaining


How many ‘peak’ lebron years do you think he has?

Father time catches all, wasn’t that long ago Kobe was throwing up bricks till the early morning

His greatest asset (IMO) is his ability to get to the basket with speed and strength, that will be the first to go.

Is he a great catch and shoot player?


When I first saw the Lakers Spurs score I thiught it must’ve been 2 or 3 periods of overtime. If you score 142 in one period of overtime and lose… your problem’s at the other end.


This is a great point, and I think it’s evidence that they know someone (AD probably) is coming next season. Otherwise there is no way they would have gone with one year deals on questionable performers (McGee, Rondo, Stephenson, Super Cool Beasley) rather than aggressively pursuing someone better. The rentals work because they know what they’re waiting for.


Peak Lebron was years ago.
Whatever you call what Lebron did last year (not peak Lebron but still top two or three in the league) will never be replicated in LA.

That’s not having a go at him. He’s on his way down slowly from a very high hill top.

I didn’t expect the Lakers to beat Portland, Houston or San Antonio so they have pretty much met my expectations. Actually, I though one of those games would be a blow out, but they’ve been in every game so far.

They also couldn’t go all in this year because Paul George decided he’d prefer to play with Rus. As soon as that happened, there was no one else to bank on to get to the Lakers without giving up what they already had.

The biggest problems at the moment with the Lakers is what we knew when they assembled the team. Lack of outside shooting and interior defense along with virtually depth at centre. I don’t see that changing as the team ‘gels’.


AD is two years away. The only way they get him is if they trade for him.
Not sure if they can do it, but if they sign Kahwi then trade for AD, they’d definitely be ready to go as they get vets hunting a ring on minimum contracts.



And getting him means you most likely lose Kuzma, Ingram, Hart and draft picks.

Of course if you get Kawhi in as well it is worth it, but if not… You’ve gutted your whole team for a team that most likely won’t get past the conference finals.


LeBron needs shooting around him. I thought he’d be more off-the-ball and play more of a 3 or stretch 4 role given they have Ball and also signed Rondo, 2 pass-first PGs who need to handle the ball. They aren’t spot-up shooters. LBJ is still going the drive and kick out. Whereas in the past he’s had Kevin Love, JR Smith (when he’s on form) and Kyle Korver, who can hit shots, the Lakers just don’t have those pure shooters that can knock them down. They are scoring a lot of points in the paint, because they have to. Leonard’s probably the most attainable because he’s a FA at the end of the season and wants to be in LA, but does he want to play with LeBron as a co-star, or does he want to be the #1 guy? He’s that off-beat it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he stayed in Toronto. Do they go after Jimmy Butler? If they get Davis they have to trade, and given how well the Pelicans are going and look to be a solid 4th-5th seed they won’t trade.


Simmons out for today’s game with back soreness


How bad was Covington on that last play. You either foul and he doesn’t score or you don’t foul. And he is supposed to be a defensive specialist.

They never play Fultz down the stretch or in clutch situations. At the minute he is a liability.

Lot’s of questions to be asked of Philly.