NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Wow and I thought we had bad officiating

Heat called for just 3 fouls in the first half in Miami vs Knicks (in miami of course)

What a ■■■■■■■ joke.


Knicks involved in another 40 point quarter. This time 45 against.


I feel like my entire adult life I’ve watched the Knicks just go completely off the rails any time a team gets 12 up on them in the third. Doesn’t matter the players on the roster, people just stop defending the 3 line, players all start trying to make their own plays, team work disappears. Reminds me a lot of Essington.


That’s why I said stop the season lol.
I thought before the season started we would be lucky to win 20 games this season but I’m wrong. It will be about a dozen wins at best. Absolute rabble of an organisation


Terrible organisation run by buffoons. The Saint Kilda’s of the NBA


KD will go to the Knicks next year.


I don’t think so. He’s not an alpha guy that wants “his” team. He just wants to win easy rings. He’s comfortable at Golden State. He ran away from OKC.


I think his brother has already come and said he’s leaving.


Not sure you can take his bro’s word as gospel. Would it be good for the NBA from a competitive balance POV for Durant to leave and go to an underachieving big market team? Absolutely! But I don’t think it would look too good for KD to join GSW for 3 seasons, win 3 rings, then up and leave. It would be like he’s used them to put some easy rings on his resume, then he leaves. From what I’ve read he likes living in the Bay area, he’s invested a lot of his money into Silicon Valley, he’s into tech, etc. It would only make sense him leaving if he wants to prove he can win on a team built around him, but not sure he’s wired that way…


Ben’s foul shot has not improved whatsoever. What did he work on over the off-season?


Bucks just pile on 49 in the 2nd quarter


I’ve only seen a couple of 6ers games, but I’m not seeing anything different in his game.

Was hoping he’d have an elbow jumper in his repertoire


Wow Curry!!


■■■■■■ i’m at a conference and can’t watch. definitely looking forward to the highlights for this game.


Ffs. Booker just did his hamstring :cry:


Simmons has a TD, but so does Giannis and he’s killing the 76ers.
Fultz back to looking like a bust.


That’s the least I expected, along with an improved FT%. He is so close to averaging 20 and he’s not even a scorer.


And the Lakers blow you out by 20+ and sat LeBron/Kuzma/McGee for the last quarter.

They still played appalling on defence until the bitter end though.


Steph 51 points late in the third. I know it is not the done thing but would love to see him play out the game.


Some of his shots were insane. A 3 from the hash marks, an underhanded shot that went a million miles up before going through. Steph gonna Steph.