NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


It sucks we’ve never been able to see a 4 quarter on fire Steph.



Yeah they were some bullshit highlights. When Curry is feeling it, it’s just outta control.


Curry is just like watching Ablett Jr in his prime.

You just sit there and can’t believe what you are seeing.


I thought I remember Rocky and Ben saying he was boring to watch


Yeah, I stand by that, but my number 1 favourite thing to watch in basketball is post play, so you can see where I’m coming from.

He can shoot, no debate there, probably the best ever.


Curry was off the charts today.

Couldn’t miss.


You can enjoy both.

Watching those Curry highlights aren’t boring. Not many can shoot a high percentage like he does with such high volume with the defence he gets.

Impressive stuff


Rockets now offering 4 first round picks for Jimmy butler. Wow.


Crazy for a 29yr old


This sort of offer is the reason the AFL don’t allow trades years in the future…
The 4 picks needs to be 2 years apart so the last pick will be in 7 seasons time when Houston will have none of their current players and their GM is long gone.


It could end up being the new Garnett/Pierce deal that completely hamstrung the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets and kick-started the Celtics rebuild. Smacks of desperation by Houston. How would the pieces fit though? CP3 and Harden in the back court already, does Butler play the 3? He’s not really a wing forward. Would CP3 be relegated to a 6th man role? Highly doubtful…


My issue with Curry, after 20 years of coaching, and I fully accept this just me, is he takes shots I would bench my players for taking.

He hits them, which is amazing. But every kid takes bullshit contested jumpers contested from 2 meters behind the 3 point line because of him.

The rise of Steph is a junior coaches nightmare.


Boston win away at OKC. Westbrook 5/20 FG.


Just coach better. Easy.


Agree he is not textbook at all. Some of his shots for anyone else are so low percentage that I agree you would bench them.

However the fact he regularly hits them is what makes him so entertaining and basically unstoppable when on fire.


But is the “Rise of Steph Curry” also a contributing factor in these kids wanting to play in the first place?


Nah, that’s LeBron, the whe they realise they are not once in a generation athletes, they start putting up ridiculous shots


Yeh, nah.
Curry is much more normal than Lebron and normal size kids feel they have a chance.
Do they take more outside shots, hell yeh. But I tell you what, when I was a kid nobody attempted 3 pointers.
I my last son’s game (he’s not quite 12), his team hit 3 pointers in a row.
I don’t mind them having a fang from outside. As long as it’s a good shot. ie nobody in their faces, they are set and steady (no shots on the run). Dumb shots and they are dragged.


MORRIS with the big 3. Celtics comeback