NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Wow I finally found this thread

As for MVP, harden by a fkn mile. He’s incredible


Baynes going off.



What’s wrong with KD? Is he back for the 6ers game?


Thigh contusion. Copped a knee on a brush screen vs Miami.

I think he’ll be good for Sunday.
Cant wait!


My Celtics keep getting it done. No Gordy, no Al and Jason Tatum played just 5 minutes before getting injured but still defeated LAL to make it 10 on the bounce. Baynes with a career-high 21 points, Morris with 15 in place of Big Al and Rozier 14 from the bench. Not a great offensive night but the D is working well, only 92.5 points against average during this win streak.


It’s great having Ainge and Stevens at the helm, Baynes was on mission today. Tatum looking like the best rookie of his class for sure.


Kyrie is a freak


And a flat earth believer… so yeah. He’s a freak.



Tough call on Tatum. Looks a gem, but so did MCW. I love the Celts and Tatum but if Fultz is genuinely injured you cant rule him out.

Ball also is more of a passer than shot maker…


Off to Kings @ Knicks sat night

Hope KP goes off


Lonzo on track for his first triple double. Lakers fans going to go mad.


How many shots has he had? 30?


How big a fine is simmons gonna cop for trashing the one and done?


Yeah he didn’t like the NCAA experience at all!


no assists or rebounds for q4 so he missed. had 8-8-8 in the 3rd. Looks like finishing with 10-8-8


Its stupid for the talents that are all but there, only thing that could’ve stopped him would be a career ending injury. but for players that are fringe, say 2nd round onward prospects it could be useful. that being said, all they learn in the way of potential vocations they could be doing whilst being bench players on teams, like in the afl.


Ben is really good friends with Christian Petraca, it would have been hard for him to see mates, like Dante and CP go straight to pro from high school and he had to go through 7 months of place holding in collage for no reason other than a stupid rule.


Not really a tough call, I mean Markannen/Mitchell/Collins/Kuzma/Fox all look really good but watching Tatum he is just more NBA ready than these guys… to do what he’s been doing at 19 is pretty crazy.
You are right that we have to wait for Fultz but so far Tatum is looking like the #1 off the sample we have.