NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Anyone else enjoying the Lakers still losing


Love DeMar


They just have no idea on how to play defence.

It’s pathetic really. They don’t even try.

They were in front the entire game and then just fell apart in the last and couldn’t be assed playing defence.

McGee seriously played with no brain at all and went a long way to us losing the game. For a crazy athletic guy who is 7 foot, he is a joke at boxing out and rebounding.

The Spurs are the most predictable team in the NBA and one of the easiest to shut down since their whole game is is based around Aldridge posting up and mid range jumpers and we still couldn’t stop them due to horrible defence.

On the bright side… We aren’t the Knicks.


No…but I do see some light at the end of the tunnel

How are your Knicks going this year?


I think Walton could be the scapegoat shortly if things don’t start shifting dramatically and the team gets substantially better on defence.


Yes…unfortunately, coaches tend to bear the brunt when things go wrong.

I’d like to see them leave him in place given that everyone knows that this is supposedly just a gap year before next year’s free agents all flock to us


Ohh please give us a spell. Work on getting jose sacked please.


Knicks are crap just like every year so the only enjoyment I get from the NBA is seeing the Lakers lose constantly.
There is only one man that sepates the Lakers from being our level of crapness


Lonzo’s FT technique make’s Simmons look like pure silk.


You need to travel a bit more to take your mind off the Knicks :wink:


Home, lazing on the couch and happy the Knicks aren’t playing today :rofl:


Delly has to be wondering where his career is at.

He’s basically 10th man on the bench with 2 youngers and better versions of himself in DiVincenzo and Connaughtonn in front of him.

Does he sit back, take the cash and enjoy the ride of a East contender? Or does he look elsewhere for more minutes.

He’s only getting time when they are 20 up in the last.


Cmon heat


I think this could be his last deal.

I don’t think he’s good enough to play back up PG anymore.


There’s a fair few worse PGs getting games out there.


Ben Simmons on twitter… a year in red and black at EFC???



I’d have him at the Spurs in a heartbeat


I didn’t catch the 76ers game, but saw Ben with 5/20 FGA and thought must have shot some jumpers.

Only one outside the paint :frowning:


He had a shocker today.