NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Yes they were a great team before KD, however he has made them almost unstoppable.


As Stephen A Smith said, it was the weakest move by a superstar in the history of the NBA.


What championship team of the last 5-10 years hasn’t been stacked? There’s 30 teams in the comp, you’re going to have genuine star power to win it

Garnett, Pierce, Allen
LeBron, Wade, Bosh
LeBron, Kyrie, Love
Duncan, Parker, Leonard, Ginobilli
Shaq, Bryant, Rice, Harper

The beauty of the dubs is the team culture. OKC had three current MVPs at one stage- Durant, Harden and Westbrook - but they didn’t keep them because they weren’t prepared to sacrifice $ or shots for team success. Kyrie wasn’t prepared to play second fiddle to LeBron and IT was a cancer so the Cavs stopped being a contender.

Dubs on the other hand have a bloke who just broke the all time record for 3s in less than 3Q, is a 1st team all NBA defender, and who is more than happy to run and space the floor, set picks and play defense. Curry could score 40 a game but gives up shots. Durant gives up shots. Green and Iggy play their roles.


Yep, if you’re too caught up in hating on the best players, you’re going to miss enjoying them. You’ve got 3 of the top 5 shooters of all time on one team, all in their prime and you’re too busy begrudging them.

I’m as disappointed as the next person that the NBA isn’t competitive this year, and the last few years have been pretty much a foregone conclusion, but there’s nothing you can do about. Just enjoy what will probably be the last year of a great modern dynasty.


Kobe (6-21) and Mighty Mouse (5-21) have both let them fly before.

What’s interesting though is there are hardly any active players in the total FGA single game high list.


Thiess out now with heal injury…poor guy…just coming back from knee


He got good minutes against Detriot in the absence of Baynes and played well. Good role player…


Definitely. Was looking solid to start the year…Wanamaker another import we will look to


I’ve lost interest in watching Golden State play. Unless they’re playing the Celtics, they do absolutely nothing for me. The one good thing about this season is at least there will be a different Finals match-up. Cavs v Warriors 4 years on the spin, especially the past 2 Finals were a yawn because of how predictably easy it was. There was no contest. Whether it’s Boston, Toronto, maybe even the Bucks if the Greek Freak can carry them on his back, I don’t think it will be a sweep or a one-sided 5 game series as per 2017 and 2018.


I still think OKC would beat GSW in a series if matched up.

HOU will be interesting if they get Butler.


11 of top 20 3pt attempts
3 of top 20 FG attempts (all Russ, LOL - Kobe is 9 of the top 20!!!))
1 of top 20 2pt attempts

Says it all, doesn’t it? Outside shooter’s game now.


Philly has some serious problems and Ben has done nothing to improve his game over the break.

Ben was horrendous today (11 turnovers and some very simple misses). They’ve worked him out and he doesn’t have all the tools.

Embiid is getting crushed because Ben and Fultz don’t shoot. They are to scared of failure.

Brett Brown has to tell them to shoot no matter what the cost. Otherwise Embiid with be injured by the 20 game mark.


Gobsmacked by that. I’ve ripped into Lonzo Ball a lot. He’s not a patch on Ben but he had to glaring issues from his rookie season - FT shooting and also his FG% in general. Both have improved, he’s even hitting 40% 3PT which is good. Ben still can’t hit a jump shot and whilst his FT shooting is marginally better but still by NBA standards it’s poor. The supporting cast in Philly is worse than last year. Losing Belinelli and Ilyasova hurts their bench scoring and ability to space the floor. Unless they make a trade to get someone in I don’t see them being a legit threat for the East…


legit threat? Ahahah.

They won’t make playoffs.

Belinelli and Ilyasova spread the floor allowing Embiid to go to work. With Ben and Fultz the D collapses and Embiid gets double or tripled.

We don’t know if Ben can hit a jump shot because he refused to take them. Same with Fultz.

Fultz gets cheered when he hits one a game. There are rooks that are hitting 4 or 5 and aren’t afraid to shoot. Brett Brown simply has to demand they shoot. His job is on the line.


Yup don’t know how long peeps are gunna swallow the trust the process line.


I reckon they looked their best last year when Embiid was injured and they were playing four shooters + Ben.


Have pretty much lost to all the teams above them and beat all the teams below them.

8 games in.



Relax, he has been practising his footskills and establishing his goal kicking routine over the break. He’ll be primed to go by ANZAC day. Then we’ll show those Filth supporters what a real Mass-on Cox looks like.


They let 2 of their shooters go and have replaced them with a non shooter in Fultz.

That’s the issue.


The lack of shooters around Ben don’t help.
Bang on that they’ve worked him out though. It usually happens that rookies have a bit of the second year blues as teams start exploiting your weaknesses more. Ben needs to keep forcing the issue so that his strengths far outweigh his weaknesses.

It makes you appreciate what the greats since the 80s have done (Lebron, Shaq, Jordan, Hakeem, Bird, Magic and Isaiah to name a few) as they pretty much played at a high level from their rookie year and were able to improve their game whilst the opposition kept exploiting their weaknesses.