NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


D-Rose ballin’ like its 2011. Raises the bat for his 50!


Good to see Rose have a good game! Hope he can continue his comeback, he’s had a tough run.


No more undefeated teams in the NBA, Milwaukee’s perfect start to the seasons ends at the TD Garden, Boston hitting 24 from beyond the arc. Kyrie gets a haircut, he’s back to his old self!


Big time!


Joe just drained his 500th 3.


big game


3 wins now for the Knicks, well and truly exceeding my expectations so far


Who would have thought the Kings and Grizzlies would be doing anything half decent!
Bets on they still miss the playoffs by a mile.


The thing I can’t believe is every team is averaging 100 points. The majority of teams are 110+.
Hasn’t happened since the 80s if I’m not mistaken.


It’s what happens when the NBA makes it almost impossible to play any form of physical defence now.

Heck. The most broken form of Derick Rose imagineable dropped 50 the other night for crying out loud.


Most games look like ABA score lines


Lakers to sign Tyson Chandler once his buyout with Phoenix is completed.

EXACTLY what we need considering we have no NBA caliber backup option at the 5.

Just need someone that will protect the paint, grab boards and run the floor which Chandler will do.

Hopefully he’ll help us turn this around.


Should’ve just kept Randle


Hopefully that means Holmes gets some minutes backing up Ayton.


All they had to do was not re-sign KC-Brick and they would’ve had the space to do that but his role was going to change with LeBron coming in and Randle didn’t want that.


If Randle was there, either Ingram or Kuzma come off the bench (if not both).
Randle would also have restricted the free agent available to us next year.

Defensively, I’d prefer Chandler than Randle.

Is Bosh retired or just injured? He’d be okay even though he hasn’t played for a few years.


Bosh has a heart condition and it’s very likely playing and maintaining an athletes lifestyle will kill him.
This heat hawks game is very good


I think Randle would’ve been either the backup 5 or starting 4 moving Ingram/Kuzma to the bench as you say but mainly I’d see him being our small ball 5 and playing huge minutes.

However, I believe this was suggested to him and he said that he’d rather walk.

Bosh I believe has to be cleared by the NBA before he could come back and according to reports, the NBA is VERY unlikely to clear him due to the danger of his condition.


Absolute shambles in Portland.

People think that the Warriors and Rockets get an armchair ride, the Blazers on their home court is basically like having an 8 v 5.


Genuinely I cannot understand why Lakers supporters have expectations and why it matters that you’re picking up Chandler. It’s not even newsworthy, this year is solely about developing the young core and seeing who’s going to be playing next year. The Lakers will probably finish at .500 and that’ll be it. It’s all about next season.

Talk about Bosh is ludicrous, the guy hasn’t played in years and he’s not gonna push you over the top to being a contender. There’s no points in keeping Randle, he doesn’t fit into the squad or factor in to future plans. Lakers want all-stars, Magic said give me two years in the preseason just gone. There’s a plan, and the plan is get through 82 games this year, if you make playoffs that’s a bonus, if not who cares.

There’s no point in riding every game this year like its this season or bust, it’s ok. It’s not about this season.