NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


LeBron James is 33. About to turn 34.

Yes, I agree that the Lakers are planning ahead for next season when they can afford another max free agent and until then it is about developing the younger talent to mould around LeBron.

The fact of the matter is that LeBron isn’t getting any younger and the Lakers simply don’t have seasons at a time to throw away to “figure it out”.

Considering how poor the Lakers have been since 2012/13 and how long it has taken them to get to this point in time and now having the best player in the league (for how long, no one really knows) as much as the Lakers are preaching that “we need to figure out what this is” and “we have time”, common sense says that they don’t have any time at all to make this thing work, especially considering all the signings they made this past off-season around LeBron.

Also, maybe the reason so many Lakers fans are “riding every game” as you put it, is because LeBron James is now on their team and that with that it automatically brings the biggest expectations that a franchise can possibly have with it.

Regardless, it’s damn nice to have B-Ball back!


Reportedly, Magic (the guy who has said ‘we’re going to be patient’ has had some words with Luke Walton apparently expecting better results.

The biggest concerns I have about the Lakers are…

  • Defense. That’s obvious. How you give up a 20 point lead in the last ten minutes of a game is astounding. How you give up an 8 point lead in 40 seconds is incredible. Both events have happened in two separate games.
  • Ingram. I don’t know where he fits in. He looked good with Lebron during pre season, but he’s struggling during the season. They are playing him at shooting guard which doesn’t suit him. He’s a small forward. He looked great last year as a point forward. I’m almost tempted to trade him away if we could get a good deal in return.
  • Rondo. He shouldn’t be a starter. He should be playing whenever Lebron is on the bench. He’s a liability because everyone plays off him and let’s him shoot.
  • KCP. I didn’t rate him before he came to LA. He was okay last year but he’s been terrible this year. I’m glad Josh Hart was moved into the starting lineup.
  • Svi. I’m a big fan and patient. He was great in summer league. He looked so confident. He barely played in preseason and the small parts of regular season time, he’s looked way off pace. I think I saw him airball a shot.

The positives…

  • Kuzma. I liked his game last year (just like everyone else) but I didn’t know if he has it in him to be an all star. His start to the year has shown he has that in him.
  • Josh Hart. He’s taken his summer league form into the season. Should be starting because he helps space the floor.
  • Lonzo. Surprisingly his three point shooting has been okay. He needs to find a way to score off the dribble. He’s still a poor free throw shooter and his intensity sucks, but there are some good signs there.
  • No blow-outs (yet). Whilst the losses have been disappointing, every game has been competitive. If they can keep that intensity up the next month, then they’ll be okay once Lebron goes into beast mode.
  • Lebron. He’s looking to have his worst year for a while. Oddly, I’m glad he’s restraining himself and trying to find out who else has the competitive fire when games really matter.


I trust LeBron knows what he’s doing, so you shouldn’t be concerned. He has faced GSW enough to know the reality of the league this year, and it’s important to realise this year is just about the development of Hart, Lonzo, Ingram and Kuzma. That’s all that should really matter at this stage. The rest is just a facade.


I personally think Kuzma has gone backwards this year and is a huge reason as to why our defence is so poor. He literally only shows up on one side of the court and he really needs to focus on that as the season goes on. Considering he apparently “focused” on his defence this year and went over tape with Rondo in the off-season and was “disgusted” with his defence, he has somehow gotten infinitely worse in that aspect IMO.

Personally I think Rondo has been good so far and is even knocking down shots when the defence backs off of him. He is a great ball handler and a great pick & roll player which suits our game style. He is also a dog on defence. We don’t beat Portland today without Rondo. Plain and simple.

Lance Stephenson has been supreme off the bench also and just seems to fit like a glove in LA. The fans love him and he is playing as well as he possibly could be right now.

Lonzo has also improved but Walton seems to be favouring Rondo a lot more as he does seem to be a coach who prefers to rely on veterans. He barely played Lonzo in the second half even with Rondo in foul trouble which was a bit concerning, but I do think they are still managing him, especially with a back to back against Toronto coming up tomorrow as well which could have played a factor but it was still concerning nonetheless.

Ingram has been hit and miss but I think being suspended did shake him a little bit. He does seem like our second best scoring option behind LeBron but he does need to start having more of an impact over 4 quarters and knocking down his shots with more regularity if he is to maximise his potential.

As much as McGee can ■■■■■ me at times and I still think he could be doing more to protect the rim (he is averaging over 3 blocks a game so far, I know) as he seems to let guys who are half his size go up against him at the rack and it’s like he goes out of his way to not make a play on the ball when he could still get an easy block. He is also a liability in boxing out and grabbing rebounds IMO as well, but he does run the floor really well and had another 6 blocks today with the sealing bucket down the stretch by throwing it over his head over Nurkic which was unbelievable.

All in all, it is coming together slowly but surely.

But as you and I have said, the Lakers can preach the “slow and steady” line as much as they want, the reality is this isn’t the case and they know it, hence Magic turning the screws on Luke already.


76ers go down to the Nets - allowed the nets to score 41 in the 3rd. Let that sink in.
Brown will be under some heat now.
Fultz is bust, pure and simple.


Ben really needs to start making jump shots. It’s verging on pathetic that he’s not even willing to shoot outside.


Lakers down by 30 after 1 quarter to the Raptors…




He clogs their starting lineup at to much.

Needs to go back to the bench


Bring Reddick back in the starting line-up to get some spacing or start rookie Shamet who looks far more composed.


Leonard isn’t even playing. Yikes!



I’ve just not seen a team flat out just refuse to play defence before.

Over the past few years the Lakers have had some god awful teams grace the court but one thing they always did was put in some effort.

I wish I could say the same about this team.


We are a different team when he plays.




Small ball doesn’t work unless you have at least 3 players who can defend very well. That’s how Golden State get away with it. Iggie, KD, Draymond and Klay are amazing defenders. Stef is just there to help out.

The Lakers only have McGee. And that’s it. Lonzo is okay. Lebron is more of a weak side defender.
Against Toronto, Ibaka and Valancunas totally overpowered McGee. Siakam was just the cherry on the sundae. There was just no way fo stopping them. Against the Spurs, Aldridge smashed us. Against Minnesota, it was KAT.
Teams with dominant power forwards and half decent centres are going to have a field day against the Lakers. Even with Chandler.

I don’t think there’s much that can be done. The best 5 to have on the court at once are Lonzo, Hart, Kuzma, Lebron and McGee. Try to squeeze Ingram in there and you either lose McGee’s defence or Kuzma’s offence. Either way, it’s not a defensive team.

I think one of Kuzma or Ingram needs to be traded.


I hadn’t seen much of the Raptors so far this year but had heard how good that they were and seen some highlights.

One thing that stood out to me was Siakam as the primary ball handler on offence. I was really impressed with him and thought his ball handling was a standout and we just had no idea what to do on defence when he had the ball.


Siakam is great, very versatile. Put him or Ibaka in a small ball lineup and you’ve still got a bit of outside shooting without a loss on defence.

Very impressed with how quickly the Raptors have gelled.


I am here for when Lebron fires Luke and installs Tyronn



I want his game to fall to bits, get forced out of the NBA and have to look for a new profession.


“Hi! I’m your new coach!”