NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Read a pretty interesting theory about the main demographics of people who do make money off NCAA sport, vs those who don’t.



he’s a walking highlight reel


SOme of the stuff he’s done this year, compared to his college highlights - it’s like he just flicked a switch. Did he make a bet he could dunk on absolutely everyone?


I read somewhere that he sandbagged the hell out of his college year because as above he reckoned it was the most pointless year of his life.


hes getting better!


So good.
That dunk does make me think about his dominant hand though. If he really was a natural lefty, why the need to switch right. It’s so very strange.

Lots of people think he’s a righty, but too stubborn to realise it.


He is now above 70% for the season from the line shooting left, but maybe he doesn’t have one?


Hope he plays. Missed him in Orlando :frowning:

Got some nice dunks and a sweet alley pop from Aaron Gordon though.


Bball breakdown just dropped a vid for Ben


Imagine if he was also Australian.


Or a bombers supporter


Yeah, well, that’s pretty unlikely on either count.


Celtics cant be stopped!


Dubs v Philly starting now. Pumped for this one!


Simmons on Curry.

Draymond on Simmons other way.

Fun matchups!


Simmons was 0/6 and just hit his first shot that was meant to be a lob :smiley:


MVP chant going up at the Garden again


Simmons is ridiculous. Not many teams will have a decent matchup for his size and athleticism.


Lonzo getting better. Good statline today