NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


philly look so solid with Butler

with redick, simmons and embiid they can really stretch teams defenses


Only one game, but Bens numbers very low playing with Butler . Needs to develop that jumper.


But Embiid playing one of his best games and Butler deal showing real promise.

Think it’s fine that Ben gets less numbers if it brings Butler and Embiid into the game more.


They may not even beat the Magic though.


■■■■ these refs are as bad as the umps in sydney, none of these fouls in the 4th were there


oh ■■■■ off

the guy flopped

refs just blatantly stole a game from the 76ers


Putting up MVP numbers at the moment.


Spurs huh?
Jazz WTF.


WOW yeah just saw the Jazz/Mavs score. What happened?


LeBron is on tonight. This is how I expected him to play all season. He’s seemed to be a bit passive but tonight he’s in “I’m the best player in the world, I got this!” mode and it’s a joy to watch.


I love watching lebron when decides to turn it on.


LeBron drops: 44 points, 10 rebounds, 9 Assists, 13/15 FT’s, 5/6 3PT & 3 blocks.

You could tell from the get go that he just said: “I’m turning it on tonight and there is nothing you can do about it.”

Highest score by an individual Lakers player since Kobe’s farewell game.


Melo confirmed leaving rockets.


He has to play with that intent for the Lakers to do anything this year. His shot won’t always fall like it did last night from deep, but he was dominant, did everything. Scored, facilitated, he even played defense!

Melo and Houston was always going to be a bad mix. I blame the Rockets more than Melo because they should’ve know what they were getting. Melo has failed to adapt his game and also not taken care of his body. That’s on him. But last year at OKC should’ve been a fair indication of what would transpire…


Probably goes to your mob


Rockets beat down on Golden State 107-86.


Murray almost scores 50 the other day and today he comes off the bench.


When he’s on he’s basically unstoppable to the point you feel bad for the 2/3 players trying to defend him

Plus those downtown 3’s were just plain nasty

So good to watch though


Broke a team rule, apparently. will be back in the starting line-up tomorrow.


watching the heat is so frustrating, just cannot score in the 4th.