NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Chemistry will take a while with the Sixers but good signs with Butler in both games



Comment above that Simmons will need to be more assertive scoring now. I would’ve thought the opposite. Embiid and Butler are the go to scorers, leaving Ben free to concentrate on what he does well.

(Still needs to learn to shoot… but maybe he’s only ever going to be a 15ppg guy, and that’s OK)


I thought the Butler trade would be a bust, but geez it actually might just work.



Mind tricks

All I read is semi and rise up





How many clubs have to fail in Melbourne before they realise it won’t work


That’s not entirely true, the Magic did well for quite a while, just bad management that cost them in the end,
. It’s stupid that Queensland can have 2 teams but Victoria can’t


I’ll be getting on board and switching from Melbourne United. Rumours are they will have purple like Phoenix Suns too so that’s a bonus.


Magic was in a good era of the NBL.
Tigers, Magic, Giants was fantastic
But since then the Giants, Tigers, Magic, Titans, Dragons have all failed or merged


They’ve picked the right area to be based if it was to succeed though. Knox area has always been a basketball hub.




better version


Pretty negative article. Second game and Simmons looked tentative before Butler got there. I thought it looked a lot better and will still improve.


Can’t we call them the Magic, and United the Tigers?


Allways thought it was a travesty that the tigers name disappeared. They were the basketball brand in Melbourne for such a long time with the gazes.


And that’s why they had to rebrand.
I was a spectres, magic, dragons and then kings fan (No way was going to follow titans because of giants)
Was never tigers fan (despite going to their 93 champ game)


It’s what I’ll be doing, that or the Dragons


Embiid got 21 points, 2nd quarter just started…