NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


wtf is going on at utah?cannot make shots, cannot dribble, cannot create space.


Going on stats alone, Simmons appears to have just “adjusted” to Butler.




old jingles love to talk a bit of ■■■■.


how good was crowders ‘slim shady’ on the missed free throw?


Lolzo Ball trying to out bust Fultz


Boston having another putrid offensive night. Going at 29% at the foul line, Utah 50% still pretty bad. Kyrie on 5 fouls with 3 mins left in the 3rd.


Man I put Boston in my multi today.


Holy ■■■■! Kemba Walker with 56 points near the end of the game vs 76ers.

AD with back to back 40 point games. I love the NBA.


the huge 3 off the backboard too


Looks like Kembla hit the game tier to send it to OT lol he might end up with 70 points


ingles needs to stop faking on the 3. TAKE THE SHOT SON


Kemba is going off


Reddick’s jump shot is so nice. 76ers by 3 with a couple of minutes to go.


How good was that block from Butler. Wow.


embiid lucky that was simmons


Simmons barely brushed his Jersey, fair joke. Kemba with 60 now.


the quality on kayosports being chromcast to the tv is pretty nice.


Bad inbounds pass by Ben. Charlotte have possession, scores tied, 36 secs left…


Butler again!