NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


incredible by butler


Butler … wow! What a block and then saving the ball from going out of play.


hahah holy ■■■■


What a last 15 seconds from Butler!! Wins the game for the Sixers from downtown!


If Butler isn’t on the Sixers team, they don’t win that. He had a reasonably subdued game but it may not have been his night, but that was his moment. I’m sure Joel and Ben won’t care if they like him or not if he comes up big in the clutch like that.


Mavs up 2 on the Warriors with 10 secs left. Warriors ball after the timeout…


is this the collapse of GSW?




shut up you free agent ■■■■■


Love when the Warriors lose. No Curry or Green though makes it hard for them.


i’m really interested to see durant go and try to be a marquee player leading a team to its resurgence, i genuinely feel like he will fail miserably.


The only guy who has come out with any credit with this whole mess at Golden State is Steph. We now know whose team this is. Not just as a player but a leader. Klay is just a shooter who is in a horrible funk. Durant is the MSOAT (Most Sensitive Of All Time), Draymond is just a pumped up role player. Curry is/was the glue holding the whole thing together. This won’t last, they’ll get things going again of course, but now it feels like there’s not the same harmony as there once was and this might be their “98 Bulls” year, the last hurrah for this team before it breaks up…


I get so much joy out of watching de-aaron fox.


It really shows how much Steph deserved those mvps. The teams success is all on him.


Also starting to think Michael jordan was pretty important to the 90s Bulls teams. Any idea what colour the sky will be tomorrow?


I think Durant is great. But not Lebron like great.
There has been a bit of a ‘Durant is the best player ion the league’ ureteric because of his Finals MVPs, but I still see Lebron as the best in the NBA.
Durant isn’t too far behind. It’s also forgotten that he (and Russell) led an OKC team to the Finals and pushed the Warriors to 7 games before he went and joined them.

I think Durant fits into the GSW team game style very well, but in all honesty, I’m not sure they get past Houston last year without Durant. He means more to them in playoffs as the unguardable mid range option that opens up opportunities for Curry and Klay.


I think he only get those opportunities because everyone else is focused on Steph and klay from range.


It kinda doesn’t matter whether he’s the number 2 or 3 scorer when the number 2 scorer on the other team is JR fkg Smith


Got to say the NBL has been a good watch this season. In comparison to the NBA, it used to be what the A-League is like compared to the EPL/La Liga. But the standard is very good right now with the mix of imports and the Aussie players. It’s good ball…


I’ve been getting into the NBL over the past three seasons. They have done a wonderful job of reinventing the comp.

It’s deadset enjoyable to go and watch now, the standard is great.