NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Aaron Gordon throwing down 20 first qtr points and LBJ just a lazy 19 in the first qtr against Miami


Spurs leading GSW

No Curry or Green


Got lakers to win by over 5.5 pts in a multi going for 480, cash out offering 310 atm. Tempting


I would’ve cashed out but they’re up by double figures with 45sec left

The hell is LBJ still on??


Lol yup they are so flakey but I held my nerve


LeBron drops:

51 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals, 1 block, 19/31 FG, 6/8 3PT.

Was the sole reason we won.

He hit shots from everywhere and hit some absolute bombs, including the last shot of the game to bring up his 50.

I think he is going to put the team on his back and carry all of them until the front office gets him some help.



Kemba balling again today like an MVP and Randle notching up a triple double in 25 minutes


If he gets this team to the WC Finals it would be equal to getting last season’s Cavs to the NBA Finals. Lakers had the worst record in the NBA over the past 5 years and they are definitely in with a shout for #2 in the west. Cavs have gone from the Eastern Conference champions to being the worst team in the NBA. Love is injured so that compounds their issues, but they’d still be garbage if he was fit…


Bolden injured playing in the G league.

“small cortical crack in the proximal fibula of his right leg”


Damn, Kemba Walker has been amazing this season.

I really hope the Hornets start attracting some great players to play with him or he moves for more success because he deserves it.



Wizards to trade Bradley Beal. Be very surprised if the Lakers didn’t put together a deal, would be a great fit…


What kind of package could we put together?


Fultz agent has shut him down and sent to shoulder specialist.

Weird ■■■■ going on there.


Saw a video on YT about Futlz and his issues. They believe that after he was drafted and before he set foot on the court for Philly he injured his shoulder in a motorcycle accident and Philly/Fultz refused to disclose this. It makes more sense than anything else I’ve heard. It would be staggering if he went from #1 pick to his game and shot completely falling away. He’s not Anthony Bennett bad, but trading up to draft Fultz and for it to turn out like this, whilst Boston traded down and got Tatum, the guy they were going to take at #1 if they retained that pick…


JR Smith finished at the Cavs.


And he goes to a light training session with the team after that anyway


Oh my


Rozier to the Suns gaining momentum.

Also sniffing around Wall and Beal.


Worth tanking for. Generational player.