NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Barrett is just as good too. Amazing that Duke has the best 2, maybe 3 players in college.


Can Zion hit a jumpshot?
I’ve seen plenty of dunks. Not much on ballhandling and shooting.


I hope not.
The line up we can against Phily looked good.
Rozier doesn’t create enough to give up what the Celtics will want.


Yes. And he can run the ball too.


There is a reason they are saying he is the best prospect since LeBron entered the league.

Amazing there was basically no talk of his jump shot prior to this year in College and because of that, people automatically assumed he couldn’t shoot because all of his highlights were of him dunking on everyone over and over again and yet he came out in his first game for Duke and shot the lights out.

Can’t wait to see him in the NBA next season.


So much Barkley.


Anyone else watching the final between Duke and Gonzaga? I know it’s 1 v 3 but it’s really like 1 v 15.

And it’s looking like a massive upset.


Gonzaga win by 2!


I can’t believe Duke ran the same play 3 times in a row at end and they got blocked every time. Maybe try something else if you keep getting stopped!


I love that people thought Simmons would get lost with Butler. Butler is changing the defense and opening it up for Simmons. Looks more confident now.


Bron got cheers and no boos/jeers


Knicks 43 - Celtics 26


Fultz apparently dealing with a wrist injury and wants a fresh start with another club!


certainly attacking mirotic


Curious if the Beal rumors have weight.


Lakers have been insipid so far vs the Cavs.

Expected nothing less.

They are every chance to get rolled by the worst team in Basketball here.



The Celtics are struggling offensively, which they have done a fair bit over the past 2 years, but the defense has won them games. That has completely fallen away now. I wonder if there are some locker room issues with some guys not happy about their minutes now that Kyrie and Gordon are back? Rozier is absolutely stinking up the joint at the moment. The Knicks are blowing us out on home court. Stevens has a task on his hands trying to turn this around…


philly crowd groaned when ben wouldnt take that open jumper.


Oh boy. 3 FTs coming up for brow to tie the game.