NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


AD misses final FT. Philly hang on 121-120



Just rimmed out and Joel tipped it to midcourt.


Man, you really seem to hate sport.


OKC blow out Golden State at the Oracle Arena. Schroder with 32 off the bench. Boston and GSW for differing reasons are really looking ordinary at the minute…


It’s very ugly.
At least everyone will get two different teams in finals this year.


So was the Diallo injury!!


Yeah Butler standing alone has got teams looking sideways, and Ben only needs a second.

Has a huge step and leap, should attack the rim more, in 2 years when he matures going to be unstoppable.


Have GSW lost 6 in a row now?


The heat suck.


And Philly are soft


Current losing streak is 4


That was intense!!! Suns by 2 away to the Bucks.

Booker, Ayton, Warren, Bridges and Jackson all starting to learn to play together. Second half of the season is going to be exciting.

Holmes a great big man off the bench. Surprised Philly didn’t want him.


its about opportunity with him i think.

Phily need bigs who can shoot around Simmons and Fultz


Jazz over the use the ball way too much.


Lol at Brook Lopez going 0/12 3pters against the Suns



Suns should be chasing Schroeder.


He’s so underrated. Great option to come off the bench for the Thunder.


Brett Brown must be starting to sweat. The pressure will come quickly.


Yep imo Philly are a flop their recruiting and trading have been a disaster and they are a serious injury to Embiid or JJ away from being a bottom 4 team.