NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


They lost Embiid for a stretch last year and Simmons was unbelievable. I think Brown lacks flexibility. Every game, his substitutions are almost identical. Rinse and repeat. Seems to have forgotten that he had serious talent on his list.


Philly are 13-8, which if they keep that up is on track for a 48-50 win regular season. The way people are talking you’d think they’re in the lottery. They’ll figure it out.


I am so in love with Ayton.


I couldn’t win a multi to save my life. Cavs beat Rockets yesterday. Nets beating 76ers right now wtf.


After being >20 points down just before 1/2 time, now leading by 1 with 1:03 to go!






Butler wins it for Philly!!




Did exactly what he did to Charlotte! Incredible!! They didn’t even need a 3!


Strange that Philly didn’t go to Butler or Embiid on the previous play with 15 seconds to go. Instead they opted to trust Reddick who was 1/5 from the three and 5/14 FGA. He missed.


SIXERS WIN!! Simmons with an intercept of the inbound ball!

Makes up for the 25 point loss at Brooklyn 3 weeks ago.



The last play when down by 1 as the away team is always drawn up as a 3 point shot. Refs won’t call a foul against a home team at the buzzer in the key so the defence crowds to make sure they can’t get an easy two up. Three is usually the only option.


Your welcome


That’s why Jimmy Butler is there…


People need to chill on Philly

3rd seed and the walls are falling in (apparently)


Boston should be more of a concern than the 76ers.
They should be up there with Milwaukee and Toronto. Not with Orlando and Charlotte.


Harden 54 points, Houston lose to Washington! LOL!


“Fultz has been compared by people around the NBA to Anthony Bennett as one of the worst first-overall picks in recent NBA memory, but that’s hardly fair—to Bennett.”