NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Why can’t Heat be any good this year :’(


Lakers are an utter joke.

Ingram and Kuzma need to be traded and Walton shouldn’t have been the coach as soon as LeBron signed.

Couldn’t coach a kids under 9’s team.


Go so well until the 4th then collapse.


That loss could be the proverbial “Coach Killer”. The Nugs are a good team, especially on home court, but you can’t get beaten down like that if you want to be taken seriously. Either Walton gets fired, a trade gets made to change up the roster, or both. I don’t think Magic will sit on his hands too much longer…


They were pretty terrible for most of the game I thought!


Didn’t watch but that’s my general feel for how our games go.


What’s the go with Book playing PG for Phoenix, is it a short-term plug or long-term fix? What do Suns fans think? He has the highest potential of any wing player in the league at the moment, so interesting that he’s primary ball handler. Would be interested in some thoughts.


We’re still yet to settle on our starting five. Playing Booker at PG means Bridges can get minutes and start at SG and Warren as F. Those three and Ayton are working well the last half a dozen games. The issue for us is who plays at the 4.

Ariza is ok short term, Jackson is evolving into a good defensive no. 6 but we fallaway dramatically after that with Crawford, Canaan, Daniels and Anderson all showing they’re not up to it.

If we can get Beal or Rozier, things change significantly for us.

And Holmes is a great backup for Ayton.

We’re not as far away as some think. Another top 3 pick next draft and a decent FA or two and we could be in playoff territory again.


Durant carries the team with 49 and silence

Lebron plays like ■■■ and puts up a -23 and silence. But the next triple double and Windhorst will be dribbling over himself.

Weird league


I like Point Booker but he has to stop taking every shot in the last 3 mins of games…

Cannan has to go, I don’t understand why we don’t play our Rookie PGs ahead of him.

With Jackson slowly improving, I’m very confident that Ariza is traded after the December 15 deadline.


KD stinks it up after Draymond hurts his feelings, shoots 2/22 3PT, fanboys say nothing. He has 2 big nights in a row and everyone is dancing in the streets. LeBron has stinkers like that very rarely, like once every 2-3 years. He had an off night. He’s the best player in the world, he will bounce back…


They heard me, Cannan is being released.


Plus Walton’s entire strategy of: “Whenever you get the ball, in any situation, give it to LeBron. No matter the situation. Then after you give it to LeBron, go and either stand in the corner or move to another part of the floor and stay totally stagnant.” Makes it almost impossible for him to actually be as effective as he should be due to no one being able to shoot ie Ingram, Kuzma, Ball, McGee etc.

The team cannot even go above 50% from the line FFS. It is a joke.

The more I see the Lakers, the more amazed I am at just how far out of his depth Walton is. The sooner he is gone the better along with Ingram & Kuzma.


Sack a guy after an 8-4 month

Dummy spit.


You should probably follow Skip Bayless then if you want to tip the scales the other way significantly.

Lebron scores 50 and he says it’s against a rubbish team and he should score 70.
Lebron sits out the last quarter and the bench give up a lead and it’s Lebron’s fault because he isn’t fit enough.
Lebron gets a crazy triple double just to keep his team in the game, but he’s a failure because he doesn’t close out the game.

Game 1 of finals last was Lebron’s fault because he passed off to George Hill for a lay up instead of taking a jump shot on Curry.

Apparently from Skip…
The lack of air in Denver due to altitude is a myth because he went there to run a marathon and didn’t feel a thing.

Shannon Sharpe balances Skip out (and is a bit over the top himself), but at least he’s entertaining.


I just find the narrative around KD/Lebron very interesting

How each is portrayed, like Lebron is a saint and KD is a snake for turning on their teams.

KD could very well end up with back-to-back-to-back finals MVPs, he has Lebrons covered in stats this year.

I think the mantel has been passed over, KD will finish up a better all round shooter


Nah that guy screams a lot not my style

I just think it is super weired how everyone hates on KD

Bit like Simmons now, walks off the court with a triple W and a win and everyone piles on his jump shot


The first part is incorrect, the 2nd part is fact. KD is a better shooter than LBJ ever will be. KD will always be known as the guy that ran to a 73-9 team to get his rings. He’s a bandwagon follower. Also, LeBron doesn’t create a burner Twitter account to respond to people who diss him, or go off on crowd members who call him a “cupcake”. Unless KD goes to New York or someone like that and brings a championship to a team where he is THE guy, he will never be considered better than LBJ. Better shooter I’ll give you that, but no way he’s a better all-round player.


I think Kuzma should be held on to. He’s fit in better with Lebron than Ingram.
Ingram isn’t the next Durant. He doesn’t have it in him. How many times has he scored more than 20 in a game?

I’ll still give Walton some time.
The team he has doesn’t scream out as a Western Conference contender.
The only hope they make a run in the playoffs is if Lebron carries them through it like he did with the Cavs.


See and there it is - KD is a snake for joining a better team, but Lebron gets a pass for ‘the decision’

Both the same IMO

Anyway, its going to be great watching KD collect his 3rd this year

I was salty when he left OKC, but I admire the level he plays at