NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Lonzo first career triple double


Good effort from him.


He would want to play Bledsoe every game


Youngest player ever to record a triple double.

Even younger than Bron.




Embiid in the background is amazing


Simmons struggling with his shot today so just dunks everything. 8 dunks so far



Has there ever been a more confident rookie?

He looks like he owns the court already.


Seriously. He is a freak


is that even legal?


Seriously not enough hype about him in this country.





Those highlights are taking the ■■■■!! Wow.

Doesn’t even need to shoot jumpers, just dunk on everyone.


and he is improving at a crazy rate. That game was tight and he stepped up and lead the way. Huge from a rookie. Who was the last rookie to have that sort of impact?


I loved how he was constantly in Griffins ear giving him lip. Rookies probably shouldn’t do that in their first hand full of games but he just backs it up.




Shaq and Lebron’s rookie seasons are close to on par for me.
Both were causing crazy defensive headaches for the opposition and carrying their teams fortunes like very few others before them.

Has any other player had Ben Simmons foot fracture injury in the past? I thought it was a James Hird type injury but Ben is not showing any signs of it being a problem.


I think he had a ‘Jones Fracture’ which from memory is a busted bone in the outside toe where the toe bones connect to the foot bone. Durant had one too.

The navicular injury that Hird had is further back and is notoriously difficult to treat, often career ending. I think Bartel had one as well, ditto that kid from Melbourne who is now at port