NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Wow jazz and magic with the borefest at halftime


And back to back wins…


Booker back helps.

And until the last Ayton barely played until the last cause he was in early foul trouble.


Philly looks threatening with Butler. With Embiid and Simmons teams are struggling to cover so many play makers and scorers. One always seems to be left open. Ben also seems to be attacking the rim more which he should because he has a HOOGE leap.


Ben Simmons when he is up and going is really phenomenal. Yeah yeah, jump shot. I’m old enough to remember Magic couldn’t shoot for ■■■■ either


Different game now. Even if her just improved his FT shooting to be NBA average he’d be averaging 20+ ppg. He could (and should) have seasons where he averages a triple double. I’m very disappointed that he hasn’t improved his game whatsoever between seasons.


Further to that, in his rookie season he averaged 16/8/8. This season he’s going at 16/9/8. Just about identical stats-wise. Shooting at 59% FT, up slightly on 55% last year.


Is the key start line that they’re 0.645 this year vs 0.500 last year though?


We all know the issue with Ben, and what that does is effect the stat that all champions love.

Game Winners.

Ben doesn’t want the ball at the end and he hasn’t even attempted one let alone hit one. That’s going to be the difference between being an AllStar and one of the greats.


He’s also sharing the court with another super star.


So that stops him from developing a jump shot and being a non-embarrassment at the free throw line?


Looks like the Kings coach is laying down the law benching 3 starters for most of this game lol


No, but the same output as his previous season when he has a lower usage is an improvement on the previous year


Three in a row!!!


He’s literally outperforming Jason Kidd at the same point of his career.
he definitely needs to continue to work and improve particularly his FT shooting, if he’s going to stay at point.
But this thread’s a shocker for blowing ■■■■ up out of all perspective.



Even if he stays at this output, he will be one of the best international athletes this country has ever produced.


But, but, but… jump shot!


Magic’s career averages

19.5 points
7.2 rebounds
11.2 assists

Ben is damn close to that allready.


Delly with another 10 points today in the Cav’s upset of the Pacers.
He’s now had double figures in 5 consecutive games since joining the Cavs, which his PB.


Another triple double for Ben. 4th for the season, and 2nd in 3 games.