NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Does it count if they’re against the Knicks and Cavs?


Knicks are soooooo bad

don’t know why they persist with ntilikina, is so out of his depth and can’t shoot for ■■■■


4 in a row!!


Ayton, Booker, Warren and now Jackson all combining so well.

Bridges and Melton look like they have what we’ve been looking for.

And welcome Kelly!!


We are actually playing defence!
We have never played D ever before.


Baynes out for a month at least with a broken bone in his hand (got it in the 2nd minute of the game against the Suns on a block).


Maker 4/5 3s off the bench!!




Simmons destroyed a short handed Raptors today (no Leonard or Ibaka).
Bolden had 4 blocks and 9 rebounds.


Racked up some points too. Some of his shots were very unhimlike in a very good way. Dat fade away, woosh

If Ben learns how to score Philly a sneaky chance. Embiid can take over games and if you watched Chicago before they went balls up Jimmy Buckets is pretty decent clutch and he looks so happy playing at 76ers, signs are good, especially if you need a second team when you go for the knicks.


76ers are looking stronger by the week.


If Philly can find a guard who can defend the perimeter and shoot they will be ok. Can’t go far without one though.


I like the look of Shamet, how is his defence?


Hahah. Ain’t that the truth.


Fair game at Oracle.

Clippers 13/16 3 pts at half time (NBA record). Now 15/18. Somehow only lead by 4.


LBJ takes just 2 shots in the first half. WTF?


Think he’s been unwell and was a chance to not play today


Fair explanation then.


Luka forces OT in Portland at the buzzer in a catch-and-shoot 3. Standard stuff by his standards… :flushed:


just saw it then. ridiculous.