NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Not a strength, not so bad that he won’t have a decent career in the league.


unbelievable shot, was taking the ■■■■


Lakers are useless defensively.

Dropping games to Washington, Brooklyn and now the Grizzlies who are all caca through simply not putting in effort on defence.

The sooner that moron Walton is gone the better.


Ben just hit his longest ever field goal. 22ft mid range.


Interesting game this one. Geez the sixers make some stupid decisions.


They’re still a very young team, especially from the main play-makers.
Boston take it in OT.

Bucks beat the Knicks, Maker with 12 points and 2 blocks.


That’s an extraordinary stat.


Warriors playing like trash again. Team has really lost it’s mojo.


They won’t beat the Celtics until Simmons learns to shoot. Brad Stevens is too smart.


Cohesion’s gone since that bustup.
Think they’ll trade anyone out to try and fix it?


They got pretty damn close, in Boston, today. Arguably they were the better team for most of regulation.


LeBron injured now after tearing the Warriors apart for the first half.

Was seen saying: “I felt a pop” when holding his groin and hasn’t returned since.

Season = gone if he misses an extended period.



Sack Walton!


Michell is just a chucker tbh


Ugly by the Warriors.

Get the big lead down to 2 as soon as LeBron exits and then implode and end up losing by 25+.

Draymond fouled out and it didn’t take long for the Warriors to start crying to the refs.

Good win but the hard work starts now as I’m pretty sure we’ll be without LeBron for quite a while.


I would not be too sure about that, I am reading that it looks reasonably positive about LeBron.


I hope you are right but I’m dubious.


Based off his reaction to a cramp there’s probably nothing wrong with him.


How the hell is a 6’8” 250 pound monster with a high impact game as durable as LeBron is?