NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!




They need to do something. They’re kidding themselves if they think they can turn the ‘switch’ come playoffs, they’re not the same team as they were.

Will be interesting if Boogie gives them a surge, but the bench depth still isn’t great.


Cousins Looney Livingston jerebko… if everyone’s still fit.

For me it’s all on the defensive side of it. 127 to the Lakers… 127 to the Clippers the other night, 116 to the Mavs.
Won’t win many coughing up those scores.


It’s December. Golden State don’t wind themselves up until after the All Star Break.

Today, they shot 25% from three, turned the ball over more than the Lakers (by 1 TO, but I thought LA would turn the ball over more) and were just as bad from the free throw line as the Lakers. Rondo was big though. Did he trouble Golden State in the playoffs last year?

Golden State will win it without changing anything.
You have to play a near perfect series just to push them to a 7 game series. And even then you need some luck to beat them.

I really cannot wait until the next season.
Kevin Durant will end up at New York. Kyrie Irving will end up with him there. With Kristap, that’s one awesome start.
Lebron will get his wingman star. I’m still doubtful Anthony Davis will be available in time so Khawi Leonard is the only chance.

LA v NY Finals series. Lebron v Durant. I can see Durant repairing his ‘legacy’ with a move like that.


Kyrie won’t be going to NYK. But I do think the Knicks can become a challenger pretty quickly. It seems as if KD will go there, but imagine if they end up with the #1 pick and ended up with Kristaps, KD and Zion Williamson. Wowsers!


Nobody ever goes to New York unless they get sent there.


Kyrie should come to the Suns. Youngest team in the comp and we’re coming off a 3 win 2 loss road trip!! We’re 5 wins from our last 7. Things are starting to gel for the young lads.

Kelly Oubre doing what Ariza couldn’t!!


It’s amazing what a difference “fit” makes.
Jimmy Butler was a gun in Chicago, terrible in Milwaukee, and he’s back to his old self now in Philly.
Ariza just did not work at the Suns. And looks like both he and the Suns have turned it around since parting ways.


You mean Minnesota, right?

He wasn’t bad there. The team wasn’t consistently good with him, but his individual performance was fine.


Yeah. ■■■■.
And no he wasn’t terrible but he wasn’t anywhere near as good as he should be.


Clear issues between him and KAT/Wiggins. He’s better off outta there anyway, they are not even at .500 despite the fact D-Rose is having one of the best seasons you’ll see from a non-starter.


Simmons and Ingles aren’t even the best Aussies playing today…

Exum turning it on.


Simmons is messing around with a triple double already.


Simmons, Ingles, Exum and Bolden…is this the first time four Australians have played in the same NBA game?


I think a while back Exum, Ingles, Mills and Baynes were all on the floor at the same time.


Jazz need to get Exum back on


Who does Bolden barrack for ?


he from NSW so probably the Swans if anyone


Exum is going off


Looks like Lakers got rolled