NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Now Bolden is getting going, gee we are going to have a good national team


Sadly predictable because every facet of our game revolves around LeBron.

Ingram is next to useless and the only real weapon we have is Kuzma and he isn’t mature enough to do it either end consistently enough right now to get us W’s on his own.

The sooner we try and do a trade for AD the better.


Fark off Walton right now.

Haven’t seen a muppet so far out of his depth since Knights.

Lakers up by 10 with a couple of minutes left in the third and then give up 20+ points and don’t even give a whimper against a toothless Clippers outfit.

All through appalling coaching and brain dead players such as Brandon Ingram, Zubac and Josh Hart getting minutes.

And yet I’m sure Magic and Pelinka will still sit on their hands after this and pretend everything is fine and this isn’t an utter shambles of a team besides LeBron.


So true he’s so very bad

22 - 0 run

Ingram is so bad, losing LBJ was terrible, but losing Rondo as well really crippled them, Rondo still one of the best play makers in the league.


Loving the D Rose comeback tour. Such talent and such a smooth mover still

Yeah Jimmy Butler is obviously enjoying not having to carry a team like he did at chicago but still being able to be dangerous in a three prong attack

Simmons don’t need a jump shot when he can drive and move like he does, if he even gets one step past his man his leap and his stride will get him to the basket. As he stacks on weight through the pre-seasons will be even more unstoppable


The derrick rose revival is the best story line in the NBA right now.


Exum starting for the Jazz today.
Has 12 dimes and 6 points to half time.


■■■■ they really need to cut out this head fake then jump into the player for 3 free throws, if anyone saw the atl wolves game it was so pathetic at the end, such a coward move when the guy could have taken the shot, it’s like anti-basketball and they should fine players who do it

looks absolutely retarded


Ayton with his 22nd double-double today.

33 points 14 rebounds.

9th in the league for double-doubles

12th in the league for rebounds

First season.


You have James Harden to thank for that type of crap.


Andrew Gaze did that in the NBL over a decade ago. Also happened in the NBA well before Harden. Although he has taken it to a new level.


Surely there can’t be a more frustrating player in the NBA than Justice Winslow.
3 times in a row he gets the ball down the stretch, 2 air-ball 3’s and a turnover.


No Embiid for the 76ers, down significantly at end of q1.


It’s a destroyation.


Down 40 at 3qtr time lol and Portland are trash


And that folks, is why Embiid is my MVP candidate


Similar reason to why Giannis is mine.


Sixers must be happy with how Bolden is coming along


Nurkic with a 24/23/7/5/5 game



Simmons free throw technique is Fultz level bad.