NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Missed two FT to ice the game but then made a dunk and a block to finish it off.


Hahaha!! Very cheeky from Ben at the end their. Rebounds the ball off the back of an opponent (from the inbound), then charge to the lane with a two handed dunk.


Should be framed.


That’s so out of court. Took possession with one foot still out!


Yes looks like it.


Watch it again…his right foot is on the floor and his left is in the air when he takes possession.


Takes possession before right foot gets to the floor.

See below. This is after he got the ball back.



And that doesn’t show his left foot being on the floor


Both feet need to be inbounds. I doubt he got either foot inbounds.


Technically out of bounds but screw that.


It will probably get reviewed in the nbas last 2minutes report they should have a camera angle on it


Given how they officiate travels in that comp, is anyone surprised that they let that go?


Especially when superstars get favourable treatment.


Jonah got his first start. Two early fouls though :frowning:


3 fouls in the 1st qtr :grimacing:


Ben making his FTs today and already up to 13


terrible game.
Suns shooting 3/22 this qtr.
76ers living at the FT line.


Hayward’s best game for the Celtics, up to 33 pts nearing the end of the game v Minnesota.


6ers doing their best to throw it away…