NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


No, but while his left foot’s up, he hasn’t officially come back in. (ie if you jump from in-court, you’re not out until you touch back down… I assume the reverse applies?)

I think.

But I can’t actually find what rule it is against, so maybe it is OK?

the ref was right there and watching.


Wow Ben gets 29, 15/23 from the line. Still not great but better than normal.


Both feet are supposed to land in court before you touch the ball. Call was wrong but the play was entertaining


See, I’m not sure that rule applies here
There’s an exception to that rule, for inbounds plays.

Section XV

but of course it doesn’t actually say what should have to happen…

I think the fair/right call was made, actually. It’s only ever going to occur when the defender’s 2-3m away and completely asleep. So basically watch the ball, which is sport 101


What the hell is going on with Westbrook? 2/18 FG, he can’t make a shot. Basically all he’s doing is going for Jason Kidd triple doubles. PG13 is taking over.


Last year he had some really bad shooting games as well, but yeah he has been so terrible.




I did not watch, but Steph and co. had a bad night recently against the Lakers, maybe there was some good D?


Lonzo blocked Russell at the rim twice.

One was on Russell, the other on a scrubber.


Nothing. He is being the same Westbrook he always has been except people are starting to call him on his BS.

He is the most overrated and arrogant “star” player to ever grace the NBA.

Incredibly selfish and borderline brain dead on offence. OKC just beat a USELESS Lakers team INSPITE of Westbrook. Not because of him.

Lakers insipid down the stretch again and this time lose Kuzma for the entire second half of the game.

The amount of missed FT’s, poor defensive plays, missed rebounding and bricked shots is on another level.


We knew the Lakers were bad other than Lebron. Them being good with Lebron seems to have tricked a lot of Laker fans into forgetting that. Which I’m enjoying.


Kawhi’s return to San Antonio, more booing than a West Coast home game!





Lakers are getting taught a lesson by the worst team in the league.

Walton has to go.


No James, Kuzma or Rondo…I know it’s not in your DNA…but maybe you could cut them just a bit of slack

The Knicks’ lead is down to 5


I didn’t expect a win against the Knicks.
But the Lonzo roller-coaster continues. Some nights he’ll shoot 0-6 from then then back that up with a 4-6. Some nights he’ll look after the ball, then follow it up with a 6 turnover night. One thing he is consistent with is his free throw shooting. It’s terrible and it means he can’t be as aggressive offensively.
Ingram just isn’t as good as promised. I’d be content with him reaching the heights of Shareef Abdur Rahim but I don’t see him being that good. He doesn’t fit in and needs to be moved on.


Bolden going well again. May lock on the starting spot soon.


With 4:48 left in the 3rd, Ben is 1 rebound away from another triple.


Ben 18th triple. 4th in last 10 games.

At least he is now attempting the jump shot. You can only make them when you actually shoot them.

He has the advantage over the “would be” Rookie of the Year in Doncic tonight.


Season high 11 pts and 9 boards for Bolden at 3QT. Impressive!