NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Doncic is a fkg gun all the same - Ben plus shooting.


ingram is ■■■■■■■ woeful, one of the stupidest players in the league


Another Aussie, Broekhoff, also has a career high (15) in this game for the Mavs.


No doubt. Living in the mid-west, I get to see the Mavs play often on FTA/cable.


More than a little bit of Larry about the pass fakes. Very, very good to watch. And must be a prick to guard.


im super pumped for what out national team is going to look like


Ben with another trip-doub, 20/14/11. No Jimmy Butler, apparently through illness but reports suggest a fairly heated exchange with coach Brown regarding tactics, which was described as “disrespectful” according to sources. After what they gave up to get him, with the expectation that he would sign the max, this might blow up in their face quick, either creating tension in the Philly locker room or meaning he signs elsewhere…


I feel like Butler might be Sprewelling himself


i don’t get the reference, what did sprewell do

I thought the chemistry was going great, what do we think of coach Brown, is he any good or is it easy with Embiid, Ben and Butler. I imagine it would be pretty easy with those 3.


Nah, I think Brown is a really good coach, I think it’s difficult with the culture of nba players who think they are the man to manage all three (though Ben is a pass first guy clearly) every team trying to fit 3 stars in a team is going to take time. They are still winning.


Jimmy Butler is a very good player with a chip on his shoulder.
He wore out his welcome in Chicago and Minnesota.
Philadelphia knew what they were getting with him.
He will not accept teammates and coaches who don’t play the way he wants and he’ll call them out on it at every opportunity.
I thought he’d fit in well and at least last until the playoffs until there were ‘issues’ but happening just a month in is alarming.


It’s a shame because with Reddick firing those 3 could take philly all the way


I don’t think Jimmy is as good as Jimmy thinks Jimmy is and its only a matter of time until he derails the 76ers.



Calling him “Rowdy Ryan” and “Ryan from Accounting”. LOL!! Up there with the “why is my maths tutor alone in the corner shooting 3s?” in reference to Jingles…


Spree choked the coach in practice. Got himself suspended for a year and then traded to Knicks.


Thibs has been fired…




I’d wager Thibs didn’t want to trade Jimmy Butler away and since the trade has pointed that out to the owners whilst putting down KAT and Wiggins (and rightly so).


Hoiberg tipped to replace Thibs. They are still the Minnesota Timberbulls!!