NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Sixers bullied the warriors that quarter


Great game in San Fran. 11 form Embiid and 9 from Simmonds that qtr.


Huge win for Philly. Ben was tremendous on D.

This kind of win brings belief.


That third quarter was remarkable. Simmons kept them in it in the first half.


And Joel’s 3rd quarter was immense. Most double doubles in the NBA. What a talent!!


This warms my heart on so many levels


Hopefully a coming of age game for Ben and the Sixers. Of the East I can see them and Milwaukee potentially pushing the Warriors further in a Finals match-up than Toronto or Boston.



the Knicks just threw their best player away to get the pick 9 from a draft where they had pick 8.

Throwing good money after bad.


Farkin brilliant!


Yeah, about the only thing the Warriors have issue with is length, which Phily and the Bucks both have in spades


Anyone watching the NBL? United giving the Breakers a proper rogering at HT.


I think it should be noted that Klay wasn’t playing today…just to keep the hype in perspective


I really really like this talk and rumours of Suns getting involved in the Davis deal so that we can get Lonzo Ball but I’m very worried about what we need to give up for him!


and to get out of a contract from a player they drafted, traded away, then signed to a 71 million dollar contract.


It might all be worth it if they land KD, Kyrie and hit the jackpot in the draft lottery. Loving the NBA trade coverage. Bill Simmons podcast has just dropped, a special Porzingis trade edition. The irony is that Knicks fans are losing their ■■■■ over a guy they booed on draft night!


LA will probably give you lonzo if you promise to take Lavar



As a long suffering Knicks fan, I need something to happen, we are going nowhere at the moment.


If it were up to the Lakers, they’d take Dragen Bender back as long as it ended up getting Davis.

It’s up to New Orleans though so they’d want Oubre.


Oubre can’t be part of a package trade, he can only be in a 1-1 deal…