NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Yeah I think that is trading way too many pieces for one player who is injury prone.
They are obviously throwing in the towel this year and hoping to sign some free agents next year.
Lebron may have a decent team in the next two seasons, but he will be getting older and the lakers will be decimated once again when he leaves.


That would definitely be a trade for next season and beyond. They couldn’t get enough of a supporting cast around LBJ/AD to do anything this year. But with those 2 and a 3rd star in Free Agency, guys would be lining up to sign for them. I’d be interested to see if another team comes in and tries to do a deal before the deadline. NO have a to weigh up and see if there will be offers better than what the Lakers are putting up during the off-season. It’s like selling a home, you want as much competition as possible to force the price up and have a bidding war.


Surely that trade has to be for AD and Holiday? That’s waaaayyy overs for AD.

Lets just trade Lebron for AD


Apparently Pels want more draft picks. Probably why they’d prefer to deal with Boston because of the haul we have across 2019-21. The 1st round pick tied to Memphis, who are due to suck big time over the next few years. They are protected 1-10 over 2019-20 but unprotected 2021.


I support the Lakers trading everything they have (excluding Lebron) for AD.
New Orleans want to offload Solomon, but I think the Lakers are trying to find another team to take that contract.
If Boston were involved, we wouldn’t be able to match what they are willing to give up.
The only player I’ll regret losing is Kuzma and he’s probably going to be like a Cedric Ceballos type player. Lonzo’s free throw shooting make him a liability in the last quarter and Ingram doesn’t even look like reaching a Harrison Barnes level of play.
AD gives us an option and drawcard post Lebron and it’s obvious he wants to stay in LA.
Not taking on anyone with a contract for next year means we could get the third player. It could be Kyrie, Kawhi, Klay or Kembla. If Boogie performs well enough, even he could be that player.


With Lebron potentially only having 2-3 years left, AD will be in LA alone with no support and a team worse than the PELS.

AD wouldn’t want LA to sell the farm.

The offers being touted make no sense at all.


Do people realise he’s 25? That’s 5 years younger than Durant.
Kevin Garnett was 36 in his last year at Boston.
The Brow will last another 7 years minimum.

Whoever they get in the coming free agency period will be the Brows duo partner.


Sorry I needed a comma. Lebron has 2-3 years left, AD will be in LA alone…


I saw the change so edited my post.


Wall ruptures his Achilles tendon in a fall at home.
Nice easy excuse not to turn up at the train wreck that the Wizards have become.


Updated to:
Josh Hart, Ivica Zubac, Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, Lonzo Ball and two first-round picks.


i thought LA pulled out.


Apparently they have. Pelicans wanted more draft picks. Clearly Ainge has been in their ears to get them to hold out…


Lakers should have offered Jack, Flea, Snoop Dog and Denzel with all those players. Surely that would have got them over the line.


I can understand New Orleans stance even though the Lakers are pretty much offering half their roster and 2 first round picks. It’s like taking a dollar and getting 4 quarters back. Collectively it might add up but each of those pieces are inferior to what you’re giving up. How do you replace a franchise player? With another franchise player. As nice a prospect as Kuzma is, he’s never going to get anywhere near AD’s level. He’s a good 2nd-3rd star, but not someone you’ll build a franchise around. Ingram, Ball, Hart, Zubac could all end up as good to very good NBA players, but none will ever be an All-Star calibre player. Plus what’s the likelihood these guys will be with the Pelicans long-term? Lonzo, Kuzma and Hart have team options on their contracts for 2020-21, after that they are Free Agents. Zubac is an expiring deal, Ingram is a FA at the end of 2020. So in 3 years all of these pieces could be gone from the Pelicans. So what’s left are 2 first round picks, that if LA go deep in the play-off in those seasons they will fall somewhere around the 25-30 mark in the draft.

If you’re a small market team, your chances of luring big-name Free Agents are slim to none. The only way they can get talent in is through the draft and trades. That’s why IMO it makes sense for NO to wait until the summer, see what Boston has to offer as their draft picks are more intriguing and likely to fall into the lottery. And also the Knicks with their pick this year. Their best chance of replacing Davis like for like and getting a franchise calibre player is by not taking the Lakers offer.


Pacers crowd chanting “LEBRON’S GONNA TRADE YOU!!!” when Ingram was at the FT line. LOL!


Lakers getting blown out in Indiana, down 36 and still 7 mins left in the 4th. Hmmm…


Aren’t the Pelicans looking to bottom out and take on some crappier contracts?

If so, surely just trade Drake.


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Lakers thinking of trading off some carbon offset credits as part of the Davis deal? Or wrong thread…