NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Lol, wrong thread


Looks like the 76ers got well and truly ahead of themselves after that GSW away win


Lakers 42pt loss…lol

AD trade at a standstill, so looks like reggie is the man haha


Lost a fair bit of respect for Lebron over all of this.

He is happy to decimate his team and the future of the club.
The reaction at the Pacers game by fans is spot on and no wonder LA didn’t turn up today.

If he wanted to play with AD he shoulda just gone to the PELS.


If they had’ve kept Rondo and added LeBron to AD at the Pelicans, I reckon they’d be up there in the west. Wouldn’t have had too much trouble getting guys to sign there if they had AD and LBJ. Yeah, I’m not surprised the Lakers got blown out like this. Pretty much their whole roster aside from LeBron is on the trade block, that can’t be good for locker room morale not knowing whether you’ll be there come the weekend, and also the high likelihood that one of your teammates is controlling things behind the scenes…


BIG trade between Philly and the Clippers:

Sixers going all in for this year. I like this move!


Wow, that’s massive


Simmons, Reddick, Butler, Harris and Embiid is ■■■■■■■ good



Philly also significantly upgraded their back-up center spot with Boban. All are expiring contracts so they could all leave in FA, but it’s very much a here and now trade. Sixers backing themselves in which I think is great.


Bolden would be excellent next to boban too


How is this a Lebron thing?
I recall trading half the Lakers roster to get Shaq and Kobe to the club.
I don’t know what we gave up to get Kareem, but I’m sure we would have gutted the team then as well.

Since the mid 80s, the Lakers have pretty much used the LA lifestyle to sign or trade for stars.
We were also close to getting Barkley a year before the 6ers sent him to the Suns.

Lebron came to LA hoping Paul George would join in. He didn’t. Then Kawhi was available but San Antonio wouldn’t trade him to us regardless of what we offered. Now the Brow is available and we’ve thrown everything we can to get him but New Orleans are asking for more.

I don’t blame New Orleans for waiting until Boston are involved. I think they’ll get better value. They will likely get one all star talent that is more assured than Kuzma.
But I also don’t blame LA for doing everything they can to get the Brow.

If the players are struggling to perform, then so be it. That’s the business of NBA. Loyalty is dependant on situation and whether better alternatives are available.

If the Bullock for Svi trade is done, then that’s a shame. I thought Svi would be worth persevering with. Even though he’s a bit of a defensive liability. But I doubt Bullock will be signed on once his contract is up at the end of the season.
In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they waive him and go for someone like Wesley Matthews once he’s waived.


That’s a great trade for Philadelphia.
Can they go over the salary cap and extend both Butler and Harris?
Harris is a very good fit for them.
And Boban is the perfect backup too.


if you’re bringing in lebron, you’re not doing it to win in 3 years, you’re doing it to win now. as if you didn’t think half the team would be gone within a year.


They don’t have to, part of the benefit of the process is they have not carried any significant salary for ages. They could afford to max all 4 of them, and maybe only lose Reddick


Clippers have a lot of picks to offer Pelicans now!


What talent are they giving up though? Gallinari? Avery Bradley? Lou Williams? Harrell? Alexander?
Lakers had better talent to offer.


I think the Clips are making moves to acquire assets. One of those is a 1st round pick they owe Boston this year, however they don’t have to relinquish it if they miss the post-season this year. Currently 8th, 2 games clear of Sacramento and 3 ahead of the Lakers.


Gallinari is better than any of the Lakers players. They are offering Pelicans
Other one might be SGA


Pels want picks