NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Lou and Montrezl Harrell have value. SGA and picks…
Clear the decks. Time to go all in this summer.

As a clipper fan, Harris was always going to make room for 2 max slots, as good as he was to have whilst he was around.


Will also land Leonard in the off-season


Jerry West knows how to build contenders.


Single biggest move Clippers have made over last few years was getting West on board.


That’s just my opinion of Lebron.

I understand when it happened to the Cavs because he was there to build it and they were contending.
But when he turns up to a new place and clears the decks knowing it’s just for his next 2 years then it’s ■■■■ IMO. The young stars could be anything and for the fans who were happy to get Lebron they are equally as ■■■■■■ to lose Ball, Kuzma and Ingram.

You only have to look at the response today to see what the team thinks of Lebron.


I love that from the Sixers. Did not see it coming and love what Shamet has done but they have really given themselves a shot at everything.


Shamet learning he is just a commodity early in his NBA career.

Was having a great rook season bombing 3s at over 40 percent.


That’s a bit of an unfair statement in my opinion.
These players have shown to be inconsistent whilst Lebron has been there and also when he hasn’t been there.

I don’t think that performance was a protest against Lebron at all.
The recipe to beating this Lakers teams is…

  • force them into turnovers as they don’t look after the ball.
  • allow them to take 3 pointers as they rarely hit league average %.
  • send them to the free throw line as they are pretty poor free throw shooters.
  • hit your three’s because they are generally a pretty poor perimeter defending team.
  • hIt a good percentage of your shots because the Lakers struggle in a half court set.

The Lakers turned the ball over 19 times, were 4 of 21 from three, Indiana were 19 of 34 from three and hit 56 of 99 field goals.
That’s just not going to win you games and similar occurrences have occurred throughout the year.

As far as whether fans are happy to lose these young ‘potential’, I just don’t feel it with this group.
I lost my love for the Lakers when they traded away Nick Van Exel and Eddie Jones to give Kobe some more minutes. But I got over it when they won the championship. I also didn’t think we should have traded away Shaq when we did. But they were both the right choice to bring the Lakers closer to a championship even if it meant some short term pain.
I also thought D’Angelo would be the best player from his rookie class, but that didn’t eventuate until he found his way to Brooklyn and make the All Star squad this season.
I don’t see any of these players being all stars. Maybe Kuzma. Ingram or Lonzo are highly unlikely. Maybe if they’re lucky, they make it once like Michael Adams did.
I do know that we are a better chance of attracting talent with Lebron and the Brow on the team than we do with this current list.
I actually think by getting the Brow, we’ll be in a great position to get Kyrie as a free agent. But if this trade isn’t done, then there is every chance that the Brow gets to Boston and Kyrie stays there.
It is totally worth for the Lakers sake throwing everything at trying to get this trade with the Pelicans done. I don’t think Lebron is doing anything that the Lakers don’t want him to do.


Catch and shoot 3 specialist Harris on a Joel, Simmons Butler team is pretty mucho bueno he’s so much more consistent and a threat than JJ

philly will go to the final dance with this line up, Butler is cruising atm, hasn’t even left 2nd gear

also imagine Joel goes off after leaning on you for 20 minutes and on comes the biggest player in the league in marjanovic

76ers are like the anti knicks

going to be a good playoff series :smiley:


Philly will have 1 more trade to go before tomorrow : Fultz

Maker to Pistons !


Philly is going to be a fascinating team to watch

Simmons at 6’10”
Redick at 6’4”
Butler at 6’8”
Harris at 6’9”
Embiid at 7’1”

It has to be one of the longest and most athletic line-ups of all time. No easy shots with those five blokes on the floor

It’s like the anti-warriors - which is exactly what a GM needed to do to beat them. You weren’t going to beat them by trying to build a comparable squad of shooters


Challenge will be keeping all after this season as there will be close 120mil + between the 3 of them

But thats next season…lol

This season will be an exciting team to watch


I think the Clippers won the trade.
Harris was expiring and if they want Leonard they couldn’t keep him.
That Miami pick is looking good and they can now offer 5 first rd picks to Pelicans and if nothing else make Lakers match it.


True true

They may recover a couple draft picks for Fultz but he is heavily devalued

Do agree “Rookie” does set Clippers up to make some plays which is good. Anything that makes it harder for Lakers is fantastic…lol


Depends on whether you think the nba is about draft assets or championships I suppose… I reckon 76ers destroyed that trade, makes them instant contenders and there is no way butler or Harris aren’t hanging around next season with that squad


Suns trade Ryan Anderson to Miami for Tyler Johnson.


Not sure why Phoenix made that trade.
Anderson is a two year contract whereas Tyler is two + a player option which he’ll be silly not to take.


I think it’s a rare win/win trade. Both teams got what they want.


2 of those players are in their second season FFS. Geez. What do you expect?

I’m not making ■■■■ up mate. No one sat near Lebron. They hate him. He is self serving.

I fully expected Lebron to go there and develop this team, get a FA and in 2 years have contender.
Now he sits there on a bench by himself playing with a team he is about to trade away.

Why go there to ■■■■ everyone off? Why not just go to a team that is ready in the first place?


Becuase LA is the biggest team in the NBA. Winning a ring there is about $ and legacy.