NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Part of it is I genuinely believe that he wanted to do what was best for himself and his family from a lifestyle POV. He wants to live in LA, and that’s fair enough. But a lot of the NBA media believe he’s there more for the off-court stuff. He has his own production company and he’s trying to get involved in producing films, so being in LA, Hollywood, makes sense from a business perspective. The only downside to it is that in terms of basketball and winning now, it wasn’t the right place for him. Most thought this year was a write-off anyway, the Lakers roster is LeBron, kids and cast-offs. I still think if LBJ doesn’t do his groin Xmas Day, when they actually beat Golden State at Oracle, they’d be sitting 4th-5th in the west, and there wouldn’t be too much urgency in making a trade now. But the season is slipping away, they are now at .500, 10th and a couple of games back from the 8th seed. They have this window where they can get Davis when their biggest competitor from a trade package perspective is not able to do anything. This has Rich Paul and LeBron’s fingerprints all over it. I actually feel a bit for Magic here because it’s almost like he’s got a gun held to his head by RP/LBJ to get this deal done now, and in the other corner you have a franchise that believes they are being ambushed for their franchise player. Magic would’ve been happy to wait until the summer, but at the moment it all seems a bit rushed. They’ve offered pretty much all they can, and in the process perhaps alienated the rest of the roster minus LBJ because they don’t know if there’ll be there past Friday or not.


You got to wonder about the way Philly are going about things.

Are they impatient?

I look at the Bucks as the perfect way to go through the process. Now they have a core that has developed together for years and will have continued success for a while.

Philly aren’t ready. Ben, Embiid and Fultz aren’t ready. So why trade so aggressively?
The public is onboard and they have shown great improvement this year.


I don’t get this one at all.
We take on more $ and will waive Ellington who we should be able to get a asset back for


Harris being only age 26 is insurance if Butler leaves. From all reports they have told Harris they want him for 5 year type deal. I think they are looking more at Embiid, Simmons and Harris as the core. Fultz is just not the answer. Brett Brown really is the key to it all…it’s now make or lose his job in 14 months for him.


Another trade drops:

CHI receives Otto Porter

WASH receives Jabari Parker, Bobby Portis, 2023 2nd Round Pick


Harrison Barnes just got traded to Sacramento whilst playing for Dallas. LOL!


I like it. We have Ryan Anderson sitting on the bench getting zero Court time. He’s costing us $36mil for three years.

There was talk he was shopped around with no interest from anyone. Our only option was to stretch his contract to 6 years but still have him sitting on the bench earning $6mil doing nothing.

Now we get Tyler Johnson for a one year $19mil deal that we can either sign him up for next year or use him and package him up as something more decent than what we’d get for Anderson.

And at this stage we aren’t waiving Ellington so he may end up being traded again before the deadline.

Still noise about that we are close to trading Warren and Bender for Lonzo, but that may depend on Davis.

I’m really surprised Daniels and Crawford haven’t found new homes. I just don’t see what we get out of them and then out of us.

Really hoping we land Booker’s best mate D’Angelo Russell. At least Tyler Johnson could be part of a deal there as Brooklyn love him.


Anderson expires next year, he reduced his contract to $15mil before being traded to us.
Johnson earns more $$ than Anderson.


Maybe we think we’ve got a better chance of getting a better asset trading Johnson later. And anytime we can trade Anderson is a good time.

But I’m sure I read Anderson’s contract was bigger. Maybe I misread it.


Nice move by the Bucks



Huge moves for playoff runs in the East by Bucks, Toronto and 76ers


Wow. Raptors and Bucks are STACKED.


The Sixers are sending Markelle Fultz to Orlando for Jonathon Simmons, a first-round pick and a second-round pick. (via ESPN)


Not a bad result considering…lol


Didn’t think they would get a bag of chips for Fultz


Bag of chips better then nothing, which after seasons end may have been that…lol

Davis stays

Kanter being released


Lakers traded Zubac and Beasley to the Clippers for Mike Muscala, who only just got dealt by Philly.


Making room for Carmelo


Seems to be a win win.

$2.4M off the books and two picks for the sixers.