NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Knicks bought out Kanter and Matthews.


Love what Clippers have done!
I really don’t understand Lakers trading Zubac.
Bucks turning Maker into Mirotic was amazing.
Rockets trying to get out of the Luxury tax will cost them any chance this year.


Mirotic deal is expiring, so it’s really only a 1/2 season rental.
Go big and win now.


Pretty good game here with Lakers vs Celtics. Kuzma going off in the 3rd. Lakers have come back from 18 points down to take the lead.


I think the Lakers were 12/19 from 3 at one point. From one of the worst perimeter shooting teams in the NBA that’s a ridiculous streak!


Any coincidence that LaVar Ball has kept quiet pretty much the whole season, then as soon as his boy is on the trade block he’s back on the airwaves? Wouldn’t surprise me if he did this to affect his trade value (as in, there’s no way I’m trading for Lonzo if it means his nutjob father comes along as well…).


LeBron looking like LeBron again. 28/12/12, 5/10 3PT. Celtics hold a 2 point lead with 30 secs remaining, Laker ball out of the timeout.


lucky they kept Kuzma.


Rondo hits the last second game winner. Who wrote this script?


and Rondo…


What can I say? Sack Walton! Trade LeBron! Magic has no clue! This franchise is farked!

That must have been some game. Arch rival leading at home and big contributions throughout the team!


Shame about trading Zubac, I don’t know much about the guys brought in so I cannot really comment.


Bullock’s got quite a nice shot when he gets going.
Will definitely spread the floor.


The whole trade deadline goes by, and all anyone can talk about is the lakers, who are barley the 8th seed, doing 3/5 of ■■■■ all


So? They are probably the highest profile franchise with the best player in the world on their roster. Of course they will be talked about. The drama over the Davis stuff, they got beat by 42 in Indiana, talk of Walton getting fired. Can’t stand them but they came out today and showed a great deal of fight to come to TD Garden and beat Boston like that. I don’t think they’ll get much more than the 8 seed in the West but they are a big deal.


It’s a real pity that the players showed their hatred of Lebron against the Celtics.

Now that the trade period is over hopefully the players get a bit of breathing space.
Given we couldn’t get the Brow, hopefully we use the spare roster spot for Wesley Matthews. Melo should only have been an option if we were able to get the Brow.


First day of the new lists

76ers are on

Bucks in a hr

AD with Pelicans …lol


Philly looking so good early on, but have let the Nuggets back into the game before half time.
They will be so fun to watch (not that they weren’t already) when it all starts clicking!


Reddick’s making a statement…lol Its not a big 4 now a big 5


76ers defense couldn’t catch a cold.


Woah, slow down Suns!! Up 23-7 against GSW without Booker.

Not helping us get Zion :laughing:

I’m sure GSW will be ahead by quarter time.