NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Embiid coming up big down the stretch!


Oh and Ayton up to 12 already…


Imagine if Embiid hit his field goals


The 76ers look irresistable with this new 5, having 4 shooters and the best up and coming PG who can rebound, play post, create his own shot, dish out dimes and attack the rim. It’s not just good ball it’s exciting to watch.

How about the Ben Simmons hesitation dribble then coming in for the dunk as the dagger.


If that’s their first game woweee I cannot wait for playoffs.


Green ejected after running over to the Suns bench during the 3/4 break.


Also if somebody teaches Simmons how to shoot top of the key 3’s philly could be the next GWS


wade back out to play after a nasty fall where his head contacted the floor.


Wow Ingram almost throws the Lakers win away such an unintelligent player, nice work Rondo

I’ve missed Lebrons casual 1/4 court pull up 3’s


@rylandoz we threw this away


Good to see Caris LeVert back for Brooklyn after he dislocated his foot 3 months ago


Celtics blow a 28 point lead at home and lose to the Clippers.
Rockets blow a 26 point lead at home and lose to OKC.


Celtics lost Irving to a knee injury during the game


76ers vs Lakers

Harris having a big 1st qtr


Kuzma is on fire!!! 23 points in the 1st quarter! :open_mouth:


Modern basketball is insane

Imagine in 1990 if someone told you that the lakers had gone off, some bloke had scored 23 already, they were 6-8 from behind the arc and they had scored 40 points and it was only the end of the first period.

Now imagine that same person told you that their opposition was only one point behind

Just crazy

I love this game


They shouldve kept him on the court for the start of the 2nd

79pts in the 1st is crazy


Team scoring was identical in 1990-91 to 2017-18, 106.3 points per game

Just a lot more of it is from 3.

(Scoring went down a fair bit from ~1990 to ~97, been on a steady increase since then)


Ben took a 3 and almost hit.


Haha, so patronising. Reminds me of my days playing under 11s!!


Tobias Harris has fit in really well with their system. He doesn’t need the ball in his hands a great deal, he can shoot it and defend. Jimmy Butler is the one who might be the odd man out in this team. Can’t see him sticking around but TH would be mad to not stay in Philly. They have a legitimate shot at it this year with that 4 in the starting line-up.