NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


And then Ben Simmons comes to the Lakers and gets mentored by LeBron for a couple of seasons!

I could live with that!


Why would he go to LA? 76ers are building something special.


Don’t forget JJ.

He’s as important as the other 4.


I reckon if you’re signed to that team at the moment you’d be licking your lips. Buckets wants the $ but he’s also a winner… there’s a lot to love playing for a contender

Mind you, I completely understand why NBA guys are so mercenary. Teams expect loyalty but give none


For the most part, San Antonio offer loyalty. But no one wants to come play for us


I know Philly are talking a big four but reckon to Butler may become expendable


That is correct, HOWEVER there was a little bit of info floating around that none other than my favourite ever player and GM of the Lakers claims that Ben Simmons approached the Lakers about the possibility of joining.


I think this sums up the Celtics pretty well.

“From the outside, they look like a Maserati. Pop the hood, though, and maybe there’s no engine”


Boston will be an interesting team to watch come June

Tomorrow Boston vs 76ers , with Boston now +1 behind them good chance for them to increase it with Irving out

Pacers on today against the Hornets, heres hoping Walker has a big game, so 76ers can draw level

Few other games today

Pistons vs Wizards, Maker should get some mins in rotation in a must win for them

Battle of the spoon with Knicks and Dellodova’s Cavs

Harden plays ever improving Mavericks

Action starts from 11am


Is that the stuff about Simmons approaching Magic for a “coaching session” in the off season. It has a whiff. Wasn’t his original preference to play at the Lakers. That being said, Sixers apparently put Simmons name up at trade time


I suppose it’s a question of where do you draw the line? Magic being the President of Basketball Operations at the Lakers, the new “tampering” rules. I get that Ben would like to get some help from him given that Magic was the pre-eminent PG of his generation and both have a similar style of play being big PGs. I want to see Ben be the best he can be, but then there will be those out there wondering if there will me more to this than just Magic giving a young guy a few pointers…


He’d learn a heck of a lot from both Magic and LBJ


They train together in the off season those that want too as well

So dont know how that is any different as players talk…lol

Mind you 1 player that doesnt is Giannis as doesnt want opposition knowing everything


Hope we see that Thon Block on the Top 10 today. Nasty.


If there is a basketball god please make this happen for us long suffering Knicks.


Lost 30 of their last 32. On target for the worst record in franchise history (17-65). Currently 10-46.


Yep, they have finally learnt to tank properly.


Yet you can guarantee the lottery won’t fall their way.

If Cavs get another #1


I have resigned myself to that already unfortunately.


This one?