NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


I think the league realises it needs a Knicks team to be a contender for the NBA to really flourish. Wouldn’t surprise if there was another “frozen envelope” situation, or the equivalent of these days…


A knicks v Lakers rivalry would be glorious.


Got 3rd!


Last time I looked, the league seemed to be going pretty damn well…the Knicks will remain an also ran team until the NBA convince Dolan to sell. Surely his reputation has impacted their chances of getting the big name free agents in recent years.


No doubt that would have happened in the past, but they have some new faces in the front office. They appear to have their house more in order than any time in the past decade. They don’t have a bad contract on the books, they have 2 max FA slots. Winning the Knicks a title would looks pretty good on anyone’s resume. It would appeal to Durant given he is worried about his legacy and the fact that he joined a bandwagon to win easy rings. He joined a stacked team and one that had already won. It’s not very impressive and he knows it given how sensitive he is to criticism. Durant will join, and more than likely another big FA will follow if they have KD locked in. The bonus could be where the Knicks finish in the lottery. If they get Pick 1 or 2, which will be either one of Zion or RJ Barrett, that’s massive. That 3 plus Dennis Smith Jnr and Kevin Knox, add some decent veterans and other role players, some 3 and D guys, you have a team.


Funny as it might sound using Porzingus to unload the bad contracts could just well set us up.

Then again it could just be another very NY Knicks thing to do😂


KD, another free agent and Zion/Barrett doesn’t win them a title…it doesn’t even guarantee them getting out of the Eastern Conference.

And I’m still not convinced that KD worries about what others think of him going to the Warriors.

He’s got himself a couple of rings and finals MVPs…that probably gives him all the validation he needs.


The Bulls are getting the #1 pick anyway :wink:


His front tooth got knocked out on that play and he still stayed in it.



Orlando on fire in the 1st…

Maybe Pelicans shouldve done the trade haha


Patty Mills going off against the Grizz.


Lakers lose to the Hawks, fall below .500…


sixers/celts a good game.


This is big news really.


Boston OWN Philly.


What happened to AD today. Only scored 3 points at 11%!!


Okay 2 from 7 FT’s Ben is junior league stuff.

See how this could be a problem in playoffs, in bonus in the 4th you wouldn’t want him with the ball and that’s bad

Amazing how rated he is without the ability to do the basics, and to think how good he’ll be once he gets them down pat. If he even becomes semi decent at 3 pointers Philly could have a great couple of years

Also Boston owns philly


He seemed to be on the improve. Was 70% from the line the past 12 games apparently.
Hasn’t played well with the new recruits.


that boston philly game reminded me of bombers v adelaide where adelaide kicked 21.4

celtics were draining everything