NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


That Mills article is actually huge, you guys should read it


Read it this morning, and it’s a worry.


BA have always been a disaster, I didn’t realise it was that bad though. I’d fix the issues in a minute. Back out of that Peak deal and sign one with UA. There would be a few million to pump directly into the boomers support program.



Basketball is thriving, just as Rugby did in the lead up to the World Cup being hosted here.

Hope BA don’t squander the opportunity as emphatically as those rugby clowns did.


There needs to be external intervention. I’m tipping Larry Kestelman might step in tbh


All he has to do is add six feet of height to his shot. He throws them so flat and ugly. Just practice rainbows until they start to drop


It would be a very sound investment on his part.


And when it’s all said and done, he saved the NBL


Well when Lemanjis is struggling with the Brisbane Bullets and he is the Boomers coach.


Yeah he’s trash. We’ve talked about this a lot in the older threads. There are heaps of excellent NCAA coaches and nba assistants who could do the job


Love Embiid but didn’t like the little shot at the refs last night. They clearly missed a couple late against Boston but he generally gets an ok run.


Boston are inside their heads. Doesn’t matter if Philly are in good form or Boston are in bad form, the Celtics simply beat them.


1 and 7 against celtics bucks raptors…


Yeah baby :grinning:


a perfect example of why the NBA is a Soft League…if thats a fragrant foul no wonder no one defends anymore!

question is ben simmons a natural left hander as he seems to favour dunking with his right hand?


Thanks Knicks!!!


Altanta, fresh off beating the Lakers, have just got beaten by… THE KNICKS! Meanwhile, New Orleans are up by 12 against OKC early in the last. AD only played 15 mins…


Westbrook another big triple double

Atlanta thats funny - that must make it so much worse for LeBron . Loose to Atlanta then Knicks beat them…lol

Pelicans nice win - imagine if they had Lakers roster added onto their list for AD - they shouldve done the trade


We’ve lost to both quite easily this season.

We are a rabble of a franchise.


Worst still…

We lost to the Knicks and Cleveland on our home court. Luckily we snuck past Chicago.

I still think we can make play-offs but the matchup against Golden State is going to be tough. We’ve troubled them over the last few years so it might be a good matchup. If they are mentally prepared, they should sweep the series.