NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


The Skills Challenge is so ■■■■■■■ lame.


Hope Tatum wins, if not Luka.


Your wish has been granted


Harden… 1 from 7… the secret to guarding him may be more space


Stupid all star break and me having no live sport to watch in the morning :frowning:


Zion Williamson injured his knee in Duke’s loss to NC today.
Just 36 seconds in the game be blew out a shoe which cause the injury.

He (and a bunch of lottery teams) be nervously awaiting the confirmation it’s only a mild knee strain.


Clearly Knicks now going to win the lottery, but will overlook Williamson due to doubts on his knee. Will become the best ever.


Knicks take him and becomes a multiple knee injury “what if” career.

Probably 50/50 between the options.


ncaa is ■■■■■■, just pay the players you plantation owners


Yep the ncaa is a billion dollar industry yet the stars get nothing. Well they get a scholarship but should get far more.


I have really struggled to give a ■■■■ about college basketball. I barrack for Michigan State and Georgetown because my 2 favourite players went there but I could not tell you anything else about those schools, such as other notable ex-players name of their home court etc.

Oh I cared about Seton Hall when Andrew Gaze went there (and St Mary’s to a lesser extent) but that is it.


I am guessing he probably won’t sign an endorsement deal with Nike when he joins the big league.


Cost Nike $1.2 billion dollars (US) on the stock market overnight.



No Embiid but the Sixers are up on Miami late. Good even spread of points between Ben, Butler and Tobias Harris, and big Boban has 18 and 12 filling in as the starter at the 5.


@Alan_Noonan_10 apparently Brett Brown goes to Port Fairy in the every NBA offseason to work. Keep an eye out!


A great game in Milwaukee ends with the Bucks holding on by 1 against Boston. Kyrie with the left hand floater for the win but only got iron. Well played by both teams!


Lakers v Rockets at Staples, Harden already with 3 fouls with 3 mins left in the 1st. Might be the slice of luck that LAL need to get the W here…


MASSIVE win for LA. Looked gone for all money but a 4th quarter comeback gets them the W. LeBron worked himself into the game, especially late. Ingram had a great game too.


To be able to have a big man to replace Embiid, not to the level but still reasonable, is huge, to have Harris, who actually may be the most in form player on the team, is even bigger.

Philly are genuine threat to Golden State, let’s hope they can get past their hoodoo teams.

JJ Reddick obviously spent his childhood doing those jumping sideways threes, never look like they should go in but do. I’ve underrated him


Isaac Humphries with 17 pts in Boomers match
Has a 34 pt game in G league.
A 21yo 7 footer. Whats his story?