NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Went to Kentucky, left early to go pro, didn’t get drafted, had a summer league stint with Atlanta and got added to training camp roster but didn’t make the squad, came back to Aus and played in The NBL. I think he has NBA potential, reminds me of a young Baynes. Needs to play in Europe


Lebron is a force of nature. The way players lift around him due to his power and skill is crazy. Must be insane to play alongside him and witness him just owning games of basketball. Still number 1 player in league imo. Him vs KD will be epic in playoffs if it happens.


If GSW get the Lakers first up because they sneak into the playoffs LeBron’s legacy is going to take a beating

I don’t think I could imagine a bigger playoff mismatch than Curry, Klay, KD, Green, Boogie vs LeBron and his team of misfits


Would it? Nobody would give them a prayer of winning. It’s a starting 5 that contains 5 all-stars v LeBron + kids + cast-offs. So would it be better for his legacy to miss the post season altogether? That would be a stain on his legacy more than getting beaten by the Warriors in the 1st round as an 8-seed…


A sweep from GSW does nothing for his legacy. His legacy is already established. Just like Jordan’s legacy wasn’t dented due to his Washington days.

If he snags one or two games, then his legacy is increased.
Especially if GSW sweep all other opponents.


People ignore Jordan at Washington. Wasn’t he the co-owner or something. Jordan had come out of retirement again and no one thought anything of it.


What legacy are we discussing with Lebron?

Surely the GOAT discussion is finished now?

He will be considered top 5 and that’s nothing to sneeze at.


Bill Russels the goat. 5 MVP and 11 rings.

Neither Jordan or Lebron match that.

And Kareem is probably second.


Clearly it’s jordan and then there is a few candidates for second spot.

I think Lebron has actually hurt his legacy by continually changing teams in search of rings.

Miami has a very unique American identity and he should have just stayed there and made it an NBA powerhouse.

Just like LA and New York it has the glitzy celebrity vibe going on and he could have transformed it into something special in nba folklore.


i need a winning miami.


if he stayed at Miami and win 6 titles he would be considered the greatest in my opinion.

I know he copped a bit of flak for forming the super team but history quickly forgets that when it comes to titles and scoring records.

When you think of Jordan the first thing you think of is the iconic 23 and him flying through the air in a bulls top.

Lebron doesn’t have that iconic image and I think history won’t judge him so kindly in ten years time.

Obviously he will still be considered a great but he should have just stayed at Miami and racked up titles.


11 titles in 13 years is incredible, makes the patriots record look ordinary in comparison.


The true tragedy of miami is chris bosh, what could’ve been. the current league is perfect for him.


He had what you could say as very unusual injuries.


The Allstars game was worse viewing than AFLX


jcole was better than anything since lionel richie.


I’m here for this.

2 NCAA championships. Olympic gold. 11 NBA titles + 5 MVPs. And that was directly opposed to the best scorer in NBA history.
Then first black coach in US pro sports + first title winning black coach in US pro sports.

Unreal record.


Lakers vs Pelicans is literally the worst defence i’ve ever seen


No AD aswell - lol


We are a farking joke.

I’ve never seen a team blatantly not give a ■■■■ more than this team.

It is LeBron & Kuzma vs 5.

How that moron Buss family came out and said Walton is safe for the season is just unreal. The bloke is literally stealing a living.

Has no farking idea what he is doing.