NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


That’s the frustrating thing about the Lakers.
When there is no pressure to win, they seem to play well.
When there is an easy victory expected, they take it easy and cruise.

Typical young team that plays to the level of the opposition.


By the way…
It’s great that SEN are broadcasting NBA games through the weekend.


Warriors took 4 mins to log their first points in the game against Houston at Oracle.

Just switched over to Pels v Lakers. Just had a 3 v 1 break for New Orleans. Pels up 17 early in the 4th. Would be a massive blow to LA after working so hard to get the win against the Rockets Friday to cough one up against a now clearly tanking NO. Can’t wait to hear Rob Parker, he will be frothing at the mouth to throw shade on L.A./LeBron.


This week was funny watching Skip, Parker and Rapaport all on the one panel just enjoying throwing hate at Lebron.
And that was between the All Star game and the Houston game when no game had been played…


I can’t stand Skip, he’s just a bitter old man. His hate is more vindictive. Rapaport is a typical NY loudmouth. Rob is entertaining to me, he at least tries to be humourous and also throws some facts in there. He’s been pretty consistent on the Lakers, main argument has been they can’t afford to drop games against lesser teams, and they have done that v Atlanta and by the looks of it to New Orleans. They don’t have any real wriggle room or margin for error.


I love how everyone predicted Lakers to be about .500, they’re actually .500… and people are still blowing gaskets over it.


Skip’s hate is not vindictive. It’s money driven. Worth around $5mil per year.
Rapaport is entertaining and just a plain idiot.
Parker is just plain old dumb. He was right that you never know which Lakers would show up.

I do like a typical Shannon v Skip debate though. They’re both so obsurd it’s funny. Especially with their Lebron v Jordan and Rogers v Brady debates.


You’re joking right??

He is literally the most inept sports commentator in the world IMO.

Isn’t he living in Mexico now due to his comments before the Super Bowl? Oh wait…

He is an arrogant old fool who sounds just as senile as Skip Baylis does.


Yeah Rob Parker is by FAR the worst commentator in the world.


@rylandoz it only took like 300 clicks but its gonna happen.


Give the Suns any of those top four and we improve significantly.

And add D-Russ via free agency too.


heat are as desperate for a lead man as essendon is for a finals win.


Nobody is as desperate as Essendon is for a finals win.

Let’s be clear on that.


Houston without Harden beat GSW at Oracle Arena, and Chicago have joined the likes of Phoenix, New York and Atlanta as dross teams that have defeated Boston this season. After nearly beating Milwaukee away from home we get beat by a lottery team. FMD!


knicks probably.

#4850 Classic Rob/Skip v Shannon Sharpe.



Only a lazy 900 off the record.


Here I was thinking that the Knicks were going to do the right thing and tank for the remainder of the season.


Can see us winning 3-4 more matches and getting pick 5-8


You’re right LBJ’s supporting cast is mostly a bunch of hacks, especially Ingram, but Lonzo occassionally shows he has a bball brain and Kuzma can definitely play to a level somewhere between half decent and all star.

Think they may take one game, there are times when no team can stop LBJ when he gets his steam up, even GSW, we have seen this in the past. That’s why he’s number 1 imo, no other play can just take a game away from the opposition, Paul George and Harden up there, but nothing like LBJ and how he just physically and mentally pushes over teams.